Traveling for the Holidays? Three things not to Forget!

holiday travelsIf you are traveling for the holidays there are several mistakes you might make that could seriously affect your enjoyment of the season. If you remember to deal with these issues ahead of time you can rest assured that you have done everything possible to have a happy holiday.

First of all, travel plans should be made carefully, If possible, consider more than one transportation alternative. Over very long distances, air travel may be the only option for the available time, but shorter trips might be possible by train or bus. Make reservations early, and avoid peak travel dates. These two choices can save a lot of money. Allow yourself plenty of time for travel. Weather can’t be controlled, but many stressful situations can be avoided simply by not planning events too tightly. Bring yourself up to date on current regulations for items allowed on public transportation. Check on the availability of long-term parking if you decide to use a transportation option you are less familiar with.

If traveling by car, you gain the advantage of having more flexibility and space for luggage and packages, but holiday travel can be stressful and deadly. Allow plenty of time and be sure you have emergency supplies in your vehicle. Review safe procedures for surviving a night stranded in the snow.

Second, mid-winter holidays inevitably include gift giving, Awkward situations can arise if you’ve forgotten a gift for someone. Unexpected additions to a family can happen; a college student might invite a friend home for the holidays, for example. There might also be unexpected occasions where you would want to have a hostess gift available. It can be a good idea to pack a couple of generic gifts that would be appropriate for a range of ages or interests.

Finally, be sure your home security is up to date. Holidays are a prime season for burglars to hit residential areas for easy pickings. Home automation for security needs can provide you peace of mind. With automated controls, lighting can be controlled, video surveillance monitored remotely, and other functions handled. Alarms which feed directly to fire and police can be a part of such a system. At the very least, be sure your locks are secure on doors and windows, and that a friend will keep an eye on your property in your absence. Deadbolts are more secure than regular latches. Good security lighting can deter prowlers.

Don’t forget to cover these three possible difficulties, and your holiday travel is sure to be pleasant.

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