Top 5 Design Software Programs for Beginners

There are many CAD programs suitable for beginners that cost nothing or will only incur minimal cost. Try them all out until you find the one that suits your needs. CAD is an industrial art form that is used in industries ranging from shipbuilding, aerospace, architecture, prosthetics and the automotive industry. After conquering these beginner programs, you can then progress to more complicated software programs. You will find the whole CAD learning experience stimulating and enjoyable.

IMSI TurboFLOORPLAN Instant Architect

For the beginner, this program will give you instant satisfaction and enjoyment. This program allows you to create amazing 3D graphics, floor plans, landscape layouts and estimates of cost. You can design a home from scratch or use the graphics to remodel an existing home. It uses a simple drag and drop feature for remodelling, planning or home improvement projects. You can also design an outdoor entertaining area complete with furniture, plants and total landscaping.


This is a very basic system ideal for beginners. If you are a learner and wish to do some basic remodelling sketches, this free version of DraftIt is perfect for you. Check out the ‘offset’ command. There is nothing new about this command in CAD but if you hit the check box, you can offset to both sides of an item at the same time, just by dragging the mouse.

Google (Trimble) SketchUpGoogle (Trimble) SketchUp

If you have never done any CAD work before, this is a great place to start. Presentations of 3 dimensional building designs can be put together in a very short time and it has no limitations and provides a great 3D design interface. The video tutorial is impressive and you can self-pace your training to suit you. Suitable for beginners, but seasoned CAD drafters should also have a look at this one.

Revit Architecture

The features on this program are easy to understand and can be run on Windows Vista and XP. This software can be used for building information modelling and is used for sustainable design. Any changes you make will be coordinated automatically within the project that you are working in. This makes your project more consistent.


This is a software program that beginners will find easy to use. It supports building information modelling and is capable of 3D designing. You can get cost estimates in real time and any changes you make to your design will be automatically coordinated in the project you are working on. This software program is suitable for both commercial and residential projects.

When selecting a software program, the array of information available can sometimes be overwhelming for the beginner. Many companies like Ideal Parts have a site that is easy to navigate and contains a wealth of information, downloads and tutorials. This can help with any CAD projects being undertaken. Your CAD output will assist in manufacturing, printing and machining operations. With these software programs, you will be able to design curves, produce technical drawings and dimensions within a 3D space.

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