5 Unique Gift Ideas

Unique gifts are a huge challenge. Getting a gift is easy enough, get whatever you like, all it takes is a basic knowledge of the person and some money. It’s getting a really good gift that’s a challenge. People get gifts for a variety of occasions and know a lot of people. This means that in order for a gift to stand out it has to be very original or very good. Here are some gift ideas that are both.

Fruit Infuser

This is an interesting way of putting some energy and flavour into some of your more basic drinks, water, ice tea, etc. Simply put some fruit into the middle of the infuser and the beverage of your choice into the rest. This will infuse the flavour of the fruit into the beverage. That way your water can refresh you and taste divine all at once.


Soda Stream

The Soda Stream is one of the strangest and most amusing things that has ever happened to a beverage. The Soda Stream Carbonator allows you to hook up any beverage and carbonate it. Any beverage you can think of, suddenly has bubbles. This is a quick fun piece of tech that will allow some party time amusement.

Astrological Chart

This is something no one will have gotten before. An astrological chart that will easily show someone the future according to the stars. If the person you’re buying is a believer then this will be an interesting insight into their life, and their future with you. If not, it’s still fun. Check out It’s in the Stars , you can find the answers there. Astrology can help you pick your next job, assist in your romantic life, and give you some other insights that might be a little less practical, but they’re a lot more interesting.

Personalised Art

This is an interesting idea. Simply put it’s having an artist make something that reflects the nature of the person you’re making it for. It might be of them, it might be of something they love or are interested in, whichever way it goes this shows that you’re willing to go to a lot of time and effort and pay to get your friend something they want. The commitment is implied, and no one else will be doing it.

Shot Glass Roulette

This one is just for the fun of it, a crazy gambling drinking game that no one would buy for themselves in a year, but they’ll inevitably enjoy. It’s a fun thing to have during parties for young people and a fun conversation piece for those who aren’t willing to party that hard. Either way, luck, drinking, what could go wrong?

The perfect gift should be special, thoughtful, and if at all possible quite a bit of fun. Having something interesting and strange enjoyed by a person you care about is a very gratifying feeling. In the end you should probably use your knowledge of your friend, but if you can’t think of anything, these should be able to get you started.

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