Tips On Maintaining And Repairing Your Pool Deck Furniture

Furniture for your pool deck can be quite an investment, so you want to make sure you take proper care regularly.  Proper maintenance will help to keep it in tip-top shape.  If something breaks or needs to be replaced, restoring it yourself can save you a lot of money and allow you to enjoy your furniture longer.  This article will also discuss ways to take care of your patio and lawn chairs and how to fix them if they break.


Regular Cleaning

Since your pool deck furniture is outside, it is inevitable that it will get dirty over time.  Cleaning it regularly can remove not only the dirt and grime that builds up, but it can also get rid of substances that are damaging to the surface of the furniture.  For example, pool deck furniture is often used by sunbathers who are wearing suntan oil.  This oil can get onto the chairs and damage the paint, metal or wicker.  Chlorine and the sun’s rays will also have a damaging effect.

To combat this, use a mild soap and water on the furniture.  This is a great way to keep it looking great without spending a lot of money.  Avoid using bleach on your furniture as it can have a damaging effect.  After thorough cleansing, dry the furniture with a soft cloth.  Keep your patio furniture away from your sprinklers and be sure to wipe it down after it rains.

Simple Maintenance

Many types of pool deck furniture are fitted with glides on the bottom of the legs of the furniture.  These glides prevent the furniture from scratching and damaging decks.  They also help prevent corrosion of the furniture by keeping it from contacting the ground.  This is especially important with chairs or tables that are made of aluminum or teak wood.

Check these glides regularly for any signs of wear.  Replace them as soon as they show any loss in integrity.  This will prevent damage to both the furniture and the deck.

Big Repairs

If you find that the mesh slings and vinyl strapping on your furniture has become hard and unyielding, you may want to replace them.  This is also true if you notice any dry or brittle spots on the slings.  Pay attention for any cracks in the furniture that may cause it to fall apart.  You certainly do not want to sit down on something that is ready to collapse at any minute.

Patio furniture repair can be somewhat complicated depending on the style of chairs you own.  Replacing the mesh slings and re-strapping are the two most common furniture repairs.  In some instances, chair glides need to be replaced.  This is especially true in chaises that contain thin plastic glides.  After one or two years, these plastic parts wear down and do not function properly anymore.

Although it is possible to repair your furniture yourself, you may want to ask a professional for their advice before you purchase any replacement parts.  Repairs can be complicated, so if you do not feel 100% sure you can do it yourself, it is probably best to take it to a professional.

Proper care and maintenance of your pool deck furniture will ensure that you can enjoy it for many years to come. 

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