Tips For Kids Wanting To Become Coin Collectors

greatsoutherncoinsWhether you are interested in collecting silver coins or gold coins, there is information that you should know before you get started.  How to collect the right coins, where to buy them and how to care for them are all important things that you should research before starting a coin collection.  If you plan to collect valuable coins, you need to know how to verify that they are real and how to keep them in excellent shape.  When you start your coin collection, use the following tips to get you started on the basics.

Listen To The Experts

There is a lot of information online and in books about how to how to buy silver bullion or gold coins, but your best bet is to go to someone who has the experience.  Find a friend who has an interest in coin collecting in common with you, and pick their brain for all the right information.  Learn different terms that coin sellers and collectors will use, and ask their advice on places to meet other coin collectors.  The Internet allows you to turn a hobby into a great place to meet like-minded friends if you know where to look for forums and groups.

Find What Interests You

You can base your coin collection on anything from the date they were minted to the country they were minted in.  Find something that holds your interest and base your coin collection around that.  While some collectors may be interested in finding rare coins like the American silver eagle, others may prefer platinum coins or those made of gold. There is no right or wrong way to plan your coin collection.  It all depends on what you are interested in and what holds your attention.

Check What You Have

You may not find any rare coins in your pants pocket or your purse, but you may find some interesting ones.  Before you start your collection, go through your home and all the places where you keep spare change.  You may find some interesting coins or even some that are really old that would be an interesting addition to your new collection.  You don’t know what you have until you take the time to look.

Buy Coins With Little Wear

When you are ready to start the coin purchasing process, make sure to purchase coins that have as little wear as possible.  Older coins may be harder to come by in good condition, but the better the condition, the more valuable the coin.  Shop around for many different examples of the coin you are looking for before buying one, and pick the one in the best shape.

Learn How To Care For Them

Once you have your coins, the most important thing to do is to keep them in good shape.  Make sure you know how to store them, clean them and display them in a way that preserves them and keeps them in great shape.  Don’t spend money on coins only to ruin them when they come into your home.  One simple mistake in the care of your coins could render them almost worthless.

Coin collecting can be a fun thing to do as a hobby, or a great way to bond with your children and grandchildren.  Find those with a love of coins that is similar to yours and share all the fun things you find.


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