Tips For Keeping Adult Children Close

Tips For Keeping Adult Children Close

Children are important elements that make up a family. They are the ones that make the home a happy and lively place. Some say that bigger families are happier as compared to smaller ones. The truth is, the number doesn’t matter as long as quality time is spent with one another. Close family ties increase happiness, health, and life satisfaction.

Young children tend to spend most of their time at home with their parents and siblings. They enjoyed quality time together playing their favorite toys and video games, eating home cooked meals, or watching their favorite shows. Communication tends to be easier as everyone seems to participate during bonding sessions.

Tips For Keeping Adult Children Close

As the children grow older, several changes are observed and experienced. Children are sent to schools and universities located in different locations leaving less time spent at home. These open their doors for new opportunities and learnings that are different than the usual.

New friends are gained leaving less bonding time with parents and siblings. In short, adult children tend to have their own world, very much different from what they have when they were young.

These changes may drastically affect the parents-children as well as sibling’s relationship if not managed properly. Tensions between parents and adult children may arise. It is important to think of ways on how to bridge the relationship gaps to maintain the closeness and intimacy among family members.

Here are some of the useful tips that can guide you, parents, in coping up with the transitions that might occur as your children grow older.

Make a home calendar

Making a calendar is the main key to achieving time synchronization among family members. Be sure to record each of your children’s school calendars at the start of every academic year. The home calendar will help in determining the free time of your children.

This will give you the idea on you can visit your children, eat dinner outside, or have a vacation together. Update the things listed on the calendar and always be guided accordingly.

Grab every opportunity

Whenever there are chances to see your children, never think twice and grab the opportunity. There are times or occasions that bring you closer to where your children are staying or studying, say professional meetings or social gatherings.

Take time to see them for a quick lunch, snack, or even coffee. Make your children feel loved and special despite the distance by giving them time whenever possible.

Practice delayed gratification

Parents should continue practicing delayed gratification. Save your vacation leaves from work, be less extravagant on buying things, and continue earning miles points during travels.

Once accumulated, these can be used for spending more time in a better place with one another. Beaches are good locations to spend quality time with each other. Choose the best family-friendly resorts that offer amenities that can be enjoyed by every family member. You may even consider an adults-only resort – where you don’t have to worry about being surrounded by young children and big families.

Encourage any forms of communication

Tips For Keeping Adult Children Close

Effective communication is an important factor towards a healthy and strong family relationship. Encourage your children to communicate regularly. They can give you calls during walks to school or in between classes and activities. This form of communication will allow parents to stay in the loop of their children.

It will give them a hint of the things and developments that are happening in their children’s lives, be it happy thoughts that call for a celebration or sad news that needs to comfort. Make them feel your presence with a simple phone call.

Commend the children’s works

Remember checking your children’s homework to make sure it’s perfectly done. You can still do this but with a different purpose. Ask them to send copies of their written papers and projects and commend their work.

Show them how proud you are of their work and of what they’ve become. You can also ask them for books and readings recommendations so you can keep track of the things they love doing.

Use the latest technologies

The latest innovations in technology offer better communication. You and your children can have a video call through Skype or Facetime. This will allow them to feel your presence during special occasions and other milestones in their lives.

A virtual tour of their apartment or school allows you to see their new environment. Have a glimpse of their new friends through the social media. Don’t make them feel alone and miss home with these helpful tools.

Constant communication among siblings

Other than parents checking on their children, siblings should also maintain constant communication with one another. This will help lessen the gap experienced among children. Be sure that they talk regularly and check on each other. Make them realize that despite age gap and distance, they are still family and at the same time friends.

Parenting doesn’t stop when the children become adults. Instead, more challenges are being faced by parents as their children grow older. Parents should continue to guide and support their adult children. Always aim to have a good relationship and open communication to keep the family ties together.

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