7 Unique Kids Birthday Party Themes

7 Unique Kids Birthday Party Themes

Are you sick of the same old children party songs during your kid’s birthdays? Are you looking for something different-big and exciting?


Gone are the days when a kid’s birthday party meant children were filling your room, eating ice, singing birthdays songs and watching a DVD. Instead, you can get creative with modern birthday party themes that makes that kid’s milestone unforgettable.

We all have experienced different fantastic birthday party themes for children; however, it is feasible to say that most of the best have been given to girls. Others are traditional — with lots of minute golf course ideas, princesses, pink, dolls, tutus, and mermaids.

Some have given us a new perspective on how a girl party can be, inclusive of superhero, safari themes, and glam-camping. Should you want birthday party themes ideas for your little girl, then here is the catch: the following nine party ideas for girls are full of different unique ideas for sweets, favors, and décor.

Chocolate-Making theme

Most girls love making treats. The smooth and favorite treat is to make chocolate. There are different playful molds and flavors you can get from the craft store.

Put the chocolate in the microwave to melt then let the kids pour into the images the gooey goodness while they get creative as much as they can. The shapes can be put in the freezer or fridge to set them quickly.

Carnival Theme

7 Unique Kids Birthday Party Themes

However authentic it may seem, this theme requires effort and a spacious backyard or garage to set it up. It’s one frugal alternative option to gymnastic or bowling alley. You can play games such as bean bag toss, soda bottle ring toss, minute golf course et al. You can award prizes after holding competitions.

To make the event more memorable, you can interpolate balloons, face painting and tattoo station. If that idea doesn’t excite you, make that party scientifically carnival.

Yeah, why not equip your young ones to be scientific by doing stellar experiments like blowing up of a balloon.

Let the guests engage in party preparation via blowing balloons effortlessly without breathing in it than sending them off with test tubes and lab gadgets. Before your party, put vinegar inches in recycled bottles, then fill uninflated balloons with bicarbonate of soda.

Then attach those balloons to the bottle mouths without spilling the fizz in. When it’s time, put the baking soda inside the bottle and watch the fizzling magic spontaneously inflate your balloons.

Unicorn Theme

Unicorns might be mythical creatures. Nonetheless, they’ll make your party be banging hot! Let your little ones have themselves whimsical parties that will leave them mesmerized.

Spread that party with wreath backdrop and grotesque papier-mâché unicorns. Unicorns are trendy and gather everyone together with desserts and fruits as your menu. The theme is easy to set up and affordable.

All you need to make that bash meticulous is the unicorn theme because it comes with gold foil and elegant pastels. Make that party gorgeous, sleek and chic!

Mermaid Theme Party

7 Unique Kids Birthday Party Themes

Mermaids are a splash in every party. Haven’t you noticed it! Why not elevate that party to be under water orientated? Give your young one a treat on their birthday by getting a gorgeous Ariel cake with Nilla wafer, coral gummies, dinglehopper as well as another frosted buttered cake.

Enchanted Forest Theme

Not only should it be for kids’ bash but weddings and elderly parties. This theme is worth the have if you are deciding to keep it woody. It features a bohemian style as well as moss cookies. Make everything look forest-like with brown, yellow and brown dress codes.

Tropical Orientated Party

Keep it simple with bounty flavors like fruits and various colors. The theme is very gorgeous and lowly as it could be. Are you a mom and dad who wants to make your little one’s party different? Alright, Tropical oriented party will hit.

Castle-Themed Birthday Party

Everyone wishes to be a king/queen. Grant that favor for your child by making the royal castle theme. The cake in castle shapes with herald decorations and the golden and purple look is all you need for that party.

Rainbow Birthday Party

7 Unique Kids Birthday Party Themes

A rainbow themed birthday party features adorable decorations. It is easy, colorful and easy to host. You need to coordinate everything from ribbon to tables to come up with a vibrant atmosphere for your party guests.

Star Wars Themed Party

Although the star wars are many decades old, its effects feel so fresh to date. The presence of the last Jedi and its newest generation of rebel fighters makes it a strong theme.

Is your kid obsessed with Star Wars? Then planning star wars themed birthday party for them is simple. The party should be decorated with favors and activities all star wars centered on bringing the fun out.

You can also organize an area with a backdrop of Star Wars portraits, Death Star vases, and Darth Vader mask. Always keep kids hydrated with Yodapple Jedi Juice and “Jawa Wawa” served in Star Wars themed reusable milk bottles.

Birthdays come only once in a year. Therefore you are supposed to make the party all fun, something that sticks in the memory of your kid. The above birthday themes will not only make the event enjoyable but also make your kid feel unique and valued.

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