Three New Tips to Air Travel with a Baby

Life with a baby changes many things, including the way you travel. From going to the grocery store, to the one hour drive to grandma’s house, to flying across the country in an airplane, traveling with a baby is much more complicated than traveling alone. For many parents, the thought of flying with a baby can bring on cold sweats and panic attacks. Some parents even skip flying in order to avoid the chaos and stress. However, with some preparation and a few tips, you can make flying worthwhile. In order to make the trip as comfortable as possible for you, your baby, and for those you encounter along your way, here a few new tips to keep everyone happy.


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Pack Smart
There are so many items that need to be packed for an infant to travel; the car seat, bottles, pacifiers, diapers… the list goes on and on. However, the lighter you pack the easier your trip will be. Take only what you need. Considering buying certain baby supplies like diapers, wipes, and formula once you reach your destination. Check into renting a car seat or other large baby items in your destination city instead of bringing them with you. Be sure to pack the essentials in your carry-on, as well as an extra pair of clothing for you and your baby. You never know what kind of messy emergency you may face on the flight. Packing light will give you free hands to help care for your baby, especially if he or she is fussy and needs some extra attention. Be sure to bring some age appropriate toys and snacks to help keep your baby busy on the flight.

Wear Your Baby
Your baby can be worn on your body with the help of a sling or a carrier, allowing you to have your hands free. Baby wearing has seen increasing popularity with moms and dads over the past several years in many different settings. Not only is it comfortable, it is also convenient. Wearing your baby can help you pack smart by avoiding the need to take a stroller, and it can also help your baby feel safer and more secure during travel, which can cut down on crying episodes. Strollers can make going through security more difficult, as most security check points require them to be folded up and placed on the x-ray machine. Depending on the airport, some security checkpoints will allow you to walk through security with your baby in a wrap or carrier. This can make your life much easier and save lots time.

Travel Nannies
The latest buzz in traveling with a baby or with small children is to hire a travel nanny. User-friendly websites allow you to plug in your flight information to match you with another traveler on the same flight who is willing to help you with your baby. These websites charge a nominal fee for their service. Then you and your travel nanny work out a pay rate and all the details from there. The travel nanny can help with luggage, feedings, diaper changes, and also allow you to get breaks when you need them. Sometimes having a new face to help entertain your baby can help as well. If you can afford a travel nanny, it is definitely worth the cost and time of finding one. 

Keeping your travel simple and seeking help when you need it are keys to making travel with your baby a better experience. With these tips, and some patience and preparation, air travel with your baby can be fun and easy.


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