5 ways to teach your child writing skills

Writing is a very important skill for all human beings. For children especially, writing largely determines how their adult education life will be. It has to be nurtured. There are many ways you can teach children how to write. However, not all writing techniques or methods work with children. Some are easy, interesting and creative. Other writing techniques are too technical. However, given that kids have on average more ideas running in their heads at any given time, the chances of success with them are high. Here are five easy ways to teach your child how to write.

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Teach them to master the alphabets

The journey to writing starts with the alphabets. There is no alternative shortcut to helping them write than starting with the alphabets. There are different techniques you can use to enable your child master the alphabets. Some are playful while some are quite colorful. Capitalize on the different techniques to ensure that your child is capable of mastering alphabets by memory and vision. If they are able to sing them, you stand a good chance with teaching them to write.

Cursive writing fast

Everyone has done cursive writing at some point. Think about it. This method apparently, is the most useful technique when you want to teach your child how to write. It does not require any typing because it’s totally manual and visual. This means that your child not only develops their writing skills, but also has a chance at exercising with the syllables. Cursive writing also promotes good hand writing. All these factors are essential to foster future understanding of their forte. Legibility also improves because of this.

Simple sentences

Writing entails use of sentences to make meaning. Children have a small memory span. Most are restless and jumpy. Starting them out on simple sentences is a great way to teach them how to write. Basically, two or three word sentences can suffice. As their skills and co-relation improves, you can complex the sentences slowly. At the beginning, however, stick to short sentences.

Descriptive sentences

After the child has mastered simple sentences, descriptive sentences need to be added in. Ideally; these should be on the basis of the simple sentences. Don’t make this hard with difficult words and vocabulary. The simpler the sentences, the better it is for their learning. In fact, using things children relate to or play with can enhance their learning of description.

Writing prompts

This is the fourth aspect of writing you need to give the young learners. It promotes writing creativity. Choose from things that would interest them. You will be amazed at how much the kids will contribute to your stories in a simple written manner. At all times, when you are making them write prompts, don’t introduce what they don’t know or love already.

Journals training

Teach your child how to write a journal. If possible, make sure they write something in their journals daily. Doing this boosts their creativity. It also helps them learn how to write stories. In the long-run, this will boost how effectively they can write.

In general, different techniques need to be applied to teach kids how to write. However, keeping a progressive routine once they grasp a stage should be maintained. Progress and affirmations always play a big part in children learning and writing.


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