5 Things You Shouldn’t Put Off Just Because You’re A Parent

5 Things You Shouldn’t Put Off Just Because You’re A Parent

Being a parent takes up a lot of time and energy, but that’s no reason to give up on personal goals and interests. Here are just five goals that many parents put off when really there’s not reason why you can’t still pursue these goals with children.

Travelling the world

There’s nothing to stop you travelling the world with you kids. If your children are young enough that they’re not in school yet, it could be the perfect time to spend a few months travelling. It will be challenging and you’ll need to plan everything ahead, but it is possible and many parents manage it (you may want to invest in some kit such as a travel cot and a baby carrier as well as choosing child-friendly accommodation). If your children are in school, you may be limited to going away during holidays. This could still give you a good few weeks in the summer to plan an epic trip.

Chasing fitness goals

Becoming a parent is also no reason to give up on fitness goals. You can still slim down or bulk up with kids. There are lots of exercises that you can do with an infant. As your kids get older meanwhile, you can start exercising with them by playing games or joining clubs together or planning family cycle trips. Even if you’d prefer to train at the gym, you can always get someone to babysit or find gyms with creches.

Studying a degree

It’s also possible to study higher education with kids. There are now plenty of online courses around such as this online degree in leadership. These online courses could allow you to organize your studies flexibly around looking after your kids whilst not having to travel to a campus to study. It’s important to create a study schedule that can keep you focused – you may be able to get someone to look after the kids whilst you study so that you can concentrate.

Learning a new skill

You may fancy learning a new skill unrelated to education. This could include learning to play a new instrument, learning a craft, learning another language or even learning a martial art. If your kids are old enough, you may be able to learn skills with them such as attending a martial arts class together or learning an instrument together. Alternatively, you could get someone to babysit whilst you take lesson/teach yourself.

Landing that dream job

Parenthood can also get in the way of career goals, but in many cases it shouldn’t. Whilst it can be difficult when your kid is an infant, there’s nothing to stop you taking up a 9 to 5 job when your kid is at school. Nowadays many jobs can be worked from home too, allowing you to fit a work schedule around family commitments such as picking up kids from school or attending school performances.

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