The No-Makeup Makeup Look for Summer: 8 Tips

The No-Makeup Makeup Look for Summer: 8 Tips

Pulling off a no-makeup makeup look can be harder than you imagine. You want to draw attention to your best features without your efforts being obvious. Rather than using bold lipsticks, dark mascara and eyeliner etc., you want to create a natural, fresh, glowing appearance by using specific products in the right manner. Here are some tips to help you achieve the look. 

1. Apply natural-looking eyelash extensions

No one will even know that you are wearing eyelash extensions if you choose the most natural-looking ones. Lilac St offers eyelash extensions that aren’t your typical, obvious falsies. Do you want to apply natural looking lash extensions at home? Lilac St, Mac, Ardell and some other top brands give you this opportunity with their natural looking eyelash extensions. A unique application technique, long-lasting adhesive, and invisible cotton strips ensure they look as natural as possible. Choose a demure-looking set, and they will draw attention to your eyes in a way that’s not over-the-top. Another benefit is that you won’t have to use any mascara. 

2. Prepare your skin well

If you want to achieve the no makeup look, you need to prepare your skin well. After cleansing and toning, you should always use a moisturizer, especially if you have a dry, flaky complexion. It’s worth using a primer to reduce the look of large pores and get a smooth, even base that retains makeup for longer. The type of primer you select will depend on your skin type. 

3. Skip the foundation or pick a lightweight one

A thick foundation is the opposite of what you want to use to achieve a natural look. You can choose to skip foundation altogether or look for one with sheer to light coverage. Choose a foundation color two shades lighter than your skin color. Dab the foundation on and use a blending sponge to apply it so your complexion looks natural, and your skin shines through. 

4. Use concealer correctly

You want to conceal redness, blemishes and dark circles with a concealer but without making it obvious. The trick is to use a lightweight concealer with hydrating ingredients. A purple corrector will instantly brighten dark circles under the eyes. Apply it in the inner corner of your under-eye first, sheer it out, and follow with a regular concealer on top to set. Extending concealer slightly over the tops of the cheekbones offers a very natural, subtle highlight. A small, flat brush is best for applying concealer.

5. Create a natural flush

You shouldn’t go heavy on the blush but rather attempt to capture a natural glow. The trick is to draw attention to your cheekbones but to stick to rosy shades that match your natural blush. Start on the apples of your cheeks and use a backward and upwards blending motion. You may even want to use a lip-to-cheek product so your pout and your blush match. You can even use creamy peach-toned lipstick on your cheeks to give them a subtle color. 

6. Use a cream eyeshadow

If you want your eyes to look bright, a cream eye shadow in a tone close to your skin tone looks natural. Blend it from your lash line and upwards. The cream is easy to apply and wears well throughout the day. You can apply a lighter shade at the tear duct and toward the eyelid center to open up your eyes even more. 

7. Don’t overdraw your brows

All you want to do with your brows is to clean them up and show off their natural beauty. They shouldn’t look too defined or painted for a no-makeup look. Brush the hairs up with a dry spoolie and use a brow gel to keep them in place. You can fill out any gaps or sparse areas with a brow pencil. Make sure you draw feathery strokes like hair rather than solid, hard lines. 

8. Go natural with your lip color

You can give your lips a light touch of color by using a tinted lip balm. This will give them a subtle shine and make them look hydrated without making them look too glossy. Find a lip color that matches the color of your lips perfectly but just gives them more intensity.

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