How to Survive a Long Car Journey with a Young Child

How to Survive a Long Car Journey with a Young Child

Travelling for hours at a time in any mode of transport isn’t usually a delightful experience. This potential for frustration and boredom is increased when the journey must take place in a car. When you add a young child or children into the mix, it understandably becomes fraught for everyone, the youngsters included. Here are some ways you can make it easier for yourself and your kids when taking long-distance car journeys.


If you know that you will soon need to take a long car ride with your young children, planning is key. Make sure your car is clean and in good shape. Check your tires and fuel levels so you can avoid flats or running empty on the road. It can be useful to install sun visors over the windows where your child or children will be sitting to prevent the sun from hurting their eyes or making it difficult for them to fall asleep.


The main concern for any parent when planning a long car journey with their child is always safety. Making sure that your children are as protected as possible will make it easier for you to relax during the journey. Why is a Britax car seat a must-have for new parents? It’s because transporting your children safely and securely is essential and can give you peace of mind about your child’s wellbeing.


If you have ever had to endure a long car journey, you know firsthand how tedious, tiring, and uncomfortable it can sometimes be. For children, it is much harder to regulate these feelings and being uncomfortable in the car has the potential to lead to misbehavior or distress. To mitigate this, make sure to bring food and drinks for everyone in the car and take plenty of rest stops along the way. Even if your children are too young to want to get out and stretch their legs, they will appreciate being held and given some fresh air now and then throughout the journey.


Sometimes you won’t be able to offer anything your child wants to ease their discomfort. This is when distractions can come in useful. If your child doesn’t have a history of suffering from car sickness, providing videos or books can be a good way to distract them from being upset. Music and playing games can also be a great way of helping to take their mind off the car journey. Preparing a variety of possible distractions in advance is usually a wise option.


Being able to offer your child or children a reward for being well-behaved during the car journey can make it easier for them to look forward rather than feel trapped by the present moment. Consider suggesting something they will be excited about as a treat for being good in the car, such as their favorite ice cream, or a trip to the playground.

Traveling with children is rarely straightforward, but there are ways you can make it easier for yourself and your family.

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