The Best of Disney World at Night

Some of your best Disney World moments can happen at night, when most of the crowds have left for the day and the lights turn on. Disney World at night is an entirely different place. Just as fun, slightly more magical and plenty of new things to see and do. Whether you are headed there with the entire family or a solo trip for a night or two, there are some really incredible Disney moments that shouldn’t be missed.

The Best of Disney World at Night


These are some of the best Disney World moments that can only be had at night, but are great for all ages.

Epcot and Magic Kingdom Firework Shows

The firework shows are the highlight of a night spent at either of these parks, lighting up the night sky each and every night of the year for guests. The shows happen at different times of the night, so there is the possibility of catching them both in the same night if you want to. Wishes, the firework show at Magic Kingdom, is a great story telling, wish making event that leaves everyone feeling good about their time in the parks. The Illuminations show at Epcot is more about pyrotechnics and skilled lighting that can only be accomplished with the ideas of Disney’s famed Imagineers.

Magic Kingdom Firework Show

Evening Boat Rides

There are so many boat options all over Disney World at night, some of them are free and others are paid excursions that need to be arranged well in advance. No matter which one you go with, at night when the parks are lit up, they are all magical and special. If you want to experience the fireworks shows in a new way, arrange for a private firework cruise that can be arranged for a couple or a small group. Ferryboats traverse the lakes and lagoons all over Disney, working as a form of transportation to help guests get from one park to another, and often offer one of the best views of each park and resort at night.

Disney Boat Rides


Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil is known around the world for their incredible performances, and the resident show at Disney World is one of the best. The show is held in Downtown Disney and requires an additional admission ticket, but it is worth the splurge to see the incredible acrobatics and pageantry. There are only evening shows, two per night, and they make a great pre- or post- dinner date option. Children love the skilled artists and adults are always left in awe over the amazing skills of each performer.

Cirque Du Soleil


Hot Air Balloon Flights

Hot air balloon flights taken at night are a huge thrill, and an entirely new way of seeing a place that you are familiar with. At Disney World guests have the chance to take flight in a tethered hot air balloon ride from Downtown Disney that has you soaring high enough that you get a great view of the parks. Time your flight just right and you can catch one of the evening shows from the air, or just take in the evening light show that all the rides and attractions create.

Hot Air Balloon Flights

Where will your Disney at night adventure take you?


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