The Best Family Yard Games To Play This Summer

This winter has been particularly harsh in most parts of the country, but summer is coming soon, and there are lots of fun games for the family to play. The best games involve participation of all ages in the comfort of your own yard. Whether you’re looking to get wet on a hot day or relish in the excitement of competitive sports, there are plenty of yard games to keep everyone satisfied throughout the summer. Amusement parks and waterfront vacations are fun but expensive. Why not spend some time at home this summer with these exciting games.

The Best Family Yard Games To Play This Summer

Competitive Sports

With a simple net and ball you can have hours of fun playing games like volleyball and badminton. Volleyball is a versatile game that can be played with as little as two people at all skill levels, and with just a couple of rackets and some birds, the net can be used to play badminton. Everyone loves a simple game of catch. Whether it’s baseball or football, long summer days are a great way for the kids to hone their sports skills with the family. Don’t forget other fun sports like soccer, kickball, croquet and basketball.

Water Games

Staying inside all day during summer and running the air conditioning is not only boring but expensive. Cool off outside in the yard by playing a wide variety of water games. There’s the famous slip n’ slide where everyone takes a turn sliding town a slick surface into a small pool. Water balloon fights are a blast, especially with a lot of people. Try to make the biggest water balloon as possible and see how far you can throw it, or make a launcher and see how high you can make it fly.

Tag and Racing

Many summer yard games require no extra equipment. Kids and families have been playing tag since the dawn of civilized society. Not only is it fun, but running around the yard trying to chase each other provides a ton of exercise. The family can also play relay races with each other. Spice things up by competing in three-legged races, potato sac races or add obstacles like balance beams and hoops.

The best part about playing summer yard games is the convenience of home right nearby. There’s nothing better than enjoying a sunny day: the sounds of kids playing, birds chirping and smell of sweet meats and vegetables cooking on the grill.

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