The Benefits of Laminated Fabric for Outdoor Gear and Apparel

The Benefits of Laminated Fabric for Outdoor Gear and Apparel

Laminated fabric is a unique textile material that offers enhanced functionality and durability. It’s used by leading outdoor gear and sportswear brands to provide protective clothing and equipment for extreme weather conditions.

These fabrics can be tricky, but you can have a fun and functional project with the right tips and tricks! These fabrics will not fray, but be sure to seal the raw edges if you sew them.

Waterproof and Weather-resistant

Fabric lamination protects against the elements by preserving and shielding materials from moisture. This feature is essential in outdoor gear and apparel, such as raincoats and jackets.

Manufacturers use laminated fabric to create garments that combine both style and functionality. For example, a raincoat made from laminated cotton fabric can keep the wearer dry while offering a comfortable and fashionable look.

The lamination process also makes the fabric more durable and resistant to wear, extending its lifespan and making it suitable for long-term use. Moreover, adding polymer films and coatings allows manufacturers to customize laminated fabric with features such as flame retardance and antimicrobial properties.


Laminated fabric is a unique textile technology that offers protection from the elements and combines style with function. It is often used to make protective clothing for workers in hazardous environments and outdoor gear such as tents and awnings.

A polymer film is attached to one or both sides of the base fabric, imparting specific characteristics such as water resistance or durability. Combining the two materials creates a durable fabric that can withstand rough use and repeated washing.

Laminated fabrics typically don’t fray, which makes them easy to clean and maintain. However, checking the care instructions before washing any laminated fabric is essential, as some may require special handling or be susceptible to damage or delamination. Cleaning the laminated material separately from other fabrics is also a good idea, as it could be damaged by excessive agitation. The comfort of breathable laminated fabrics is improved during physical activity using microporous membranes or films that permit air and moisture vapor to escape.


A new addition to the sewing world, laminated fabric turns a classic workhorse of fabrics into a waterproof jewel. It’s much lighter and more drapey than oilcloth or performance fabrics and comes in cheery prints to brighten your day.

It also has a slight stretch, which means it moves with your body and reduces the chance of seams pulling open under stress. Laminated fabrics are also inherently breathable, so moisture can pass through the material while heat can escape.

The fabric is constructed differently from regular polyester knit. It’s typically made with a layer of polyurethane laminate on both sides. If you’re using this for clothing, it doesn’t matter which way you have it facing you, but it may feel a little sticky against your skin if you choose to have the laminate side touching you. In this case, adding a lining or using a breathable PUL lining fabric might be a good idea for comfort.


Laminated fabric is a seamless blend of traditional textiles and modern technology, providing numerous benefits in apparel, gear, and industrial applications. The material’s versatility, durability, and customization options make it a staple in the industry.

Outdoor enthusiasts rely on rainwear and equipment made from laminated fabrics to stay dry and comfortable during their adventures. 

Personal protective equipment also relies on laminated fabric to create barrier layers that protect wearers from hazardous chemicals and other harmful materials. Moreover, the durable and customizable nature of laminated fabric helps extend the lifespan of products, reducing replacement costs and environmental impact.

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