Supplements & Vitamins, What Do I Really Need?

Did you know that nearly half of all Americans take at least one supplement to improve health? That is a surprising number for someone like myself whom has until this last year not even considered women’s vitamins. As I age and my health deteriorates, I find that I am in a position of need. But how do I know which are the right ones?

“Supplements can provide a base, an insurance of sorts, in case you don’t get certain nutrients that day,” says David Heber, MD, director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition and author of What Color Is Your Diet?

Since I am a busy mom, I find myself not getting the proper meal diet each day. I often skip breakfast and even lunch when I am overwhelmed with work, chores and tending to my families’ needs. Leaving me with the lack of necessary vitamins and minerals my body needs to get through life.


Then what about Omega-3s I hear so much praise about? My daughter says I need them to make sure I remember all the things she wants to dearly and my husband would argue that they are brain food and that is all that needs to be known.

Since I have been prone to leg and ankle injuries in the last year, does this mean I may need to seek a calcium supplement as well? After all from birth it is what is required for strong bones. Another tidbit: women are five times more likely than men to develop osteoporosis. That makes me want to huge the next cow I see.

In the end game, what about my energy level? On most days it is nearing the slim to none area. This leads my hand towards good old vitamin B which is said to boost energy, strengthen immune and nervous systems as well as boost brain function. Wowzers I see myself getting smarter and running a marathon already.

I am sure at this point you are either agreeing with me or thinking I am suffering an educational breakdown. Rest assured all this research and head knocking leads me to one place, Clinical Nutrients for Women multi-vitamin. After all it would seem I need a tad bit of it all and rather than take half a dozen specialties, I like easy simplicity and so does my body.

Do you suggest the body needs supplements to aid in our daily health?

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