Super Skivvies Convertible Cloth Training Pants Review and Giveaway

As a green practicing parent and cloth loving mom I am always looking for new products to outfit my child’s needs. Potty training is no different and allows me a chance to changeout my cloth diaper collection for cloth potty training pants. This is where Super Skivvies come in hand. They are home to the original convertible cloth training pants.

What are Super Skivvies?

Super Skivvies are a convertible under pant to aid in potty training and bed wetting.

Super Skivvies feature one layer of soft 100% cotton interlock in the body, a rayon (from bamboo)/organic cotton velour liner in the crotch area, 100% cotton interlock waist and thigh bands, and no-roll elastic encased in the waist. The waist band is extra wide so that little fingers can get a good grip helping to pull them up and down on their own. Included is a removable insert consisting of three layers rayon (from bamboo)/organic cotton fleece. Just tuck the insert into the crotch lining, and your undies are trainers!

Bamboo is 300% MORE ABSORBENT than cotton. This means you will need less layers to absorb more liquid. Because there are less layers, Super Skivvies are much trimmer than a diaper, cloth or disposable. Your child will feel what real under pants feel like rather than continue on as if they were diapers, helping to make the transition easier. Super Skivvies are NOT an alternative to diapers. Including the insert, there are five layers of protection, enough to handle a single accident of an average two to three year old child. Please keep in mind that bamboo also becomes more absorbent with each washing, so if they do not hold an entire accident in the first couple of wears, rest assured that they will with each continued use.

Available separately ( ) are Super Skivvies Super Inserts consisting of five layers of rayon (from bamboo)/organic cotton fleece. These can be doubled, or even tripled up with the included three layer insert for more protection. More protection might be needed in the beginning of training, or at night when there are full-bladder release accidents. We STRONGLY suggest adding a Super insert if your Super Skivvies will be used for night time.

Super Skivvies ~ Autumn Owls

Super Skivvies are NOT waterproof! We chose to not water/urine proof them because the most commonly used barrier fabric, polyurethane laminate, is a synthetic, man-made material (petroleum-based plastic). It is not eco-friendly itself, and takes many years to biodegrade in a landfill. Also, in learning to use the toilet, it helps for your child to feel the wetness to make the connection between being wet/uncomfortable and having peed.

Washing is easy! Just toss Super Skivvies in with any load of laundry (you can remove the insert, or let the washer do it for you) with your regular water temperature and detergent. DO NOT use any softeners or bleach. Shake any solids into the toilet before washing. Tumble or line dry. Reuse! Easy as that!

What the momma thinks….

Super Skivvies proves something that no basic underwear style training pants I have found has to offer, an organic cotton velour liner in the crotch area! This means that even though they are not waterproof the layer of protection against major leaks and messes is highly increased. This being said we have had numberous pee pee accidents since I started potty training my 24 month old and only once has it actually caused a small puddle in the floor. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Now one of my biggest pet-peves with cloth is will it last. I am happy to say that Super Skivvies made it through not one but five successful wash cycles; plus the dreaded dryer tumble test that many cloth moms fear. The training pants remained completely in tack and soft as ever. I have actually not even noticed piling as of yet, but we are still early in the potty training game for that.

Care note for parents ~ Make sure to wash the liner separately from the cloth training pants. It seems to help keep the original smooth shape I have grown to love about Super Skivvies. Also of course like with any cloth, wash and hang to try or tumble with no heat.

All in all I give Super Skivvies a big thumbs up and 5 cloth happy stars. They offer lots of design choices for both boys and girls. The cloth training pants are super soft and my little guy loves them. They make him feel like a big boy while keeping momma happy too.

BUY IT: Purchase your Super Skivvies Convertible Cloth Training Pants from for $16.95 a pair.

One of my favorite Super Skivvies designs ~ Humpty Dumpty


Super Skivvies is sending one Mom to Bed by 8 reader a pair of original convertible cloth training pants in your choice of size and design (from in stock fabrics).

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