Summer Tips for Entertaining the Kids Outdoors

Now that school is out, or will be shortly, it is time to figure out how to keep the kids busy this summer! Heading outside is always a wonderful option to enjoy the warm weather and get some exercise. Here are a few tips and ideas for heading outdoors this summer:

  • Don’t forget to put on sunscreen.
  • Walk over to the community swimming pool and look for an area in the shade. Be sure to pack a few books so when the kids want a break from swimming they can head over to your shady spot to cool off and do some summer reading.
  • Pack a picnic. Take the kids out to a quiet spot for lunch. Along with your meal, bring some crayons, markers and construction paper for an outdoor arts and crafts session.
  • Unfortunately there will be a few rainy days this summer. Have a list of indoor activities on hand so that the day stuck indoors will be anything but boring! Indoor spots like aquariums, the movies, art and science museums make excellent day trips!
  • The Olympics are this summer, so why not gear up for the events by creating a family-sized competition. Design your own events like walking with a spoon on your nose, water ball toss and the obstacle course to see who in your family will walk away with the Gold!


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