Tips For Storing Your Camping Food

Tips For Storing Your Camping Food

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and we are gearing up to go camping. We all love to pop a tent, fish, hike and just explore the world without the city life getting in the way. When you think camping, you have to be prepared for all the concerns including food storage. No one wants to be bothered by unwanted guests in your campsite. From the simplest animals issues of rodents to the larger ones like bears, proper storing of your camping food is of the up most importance. Even if you are not concerned about the wildlife, the problem of going home with a virus can be scary. Here are a few tips to help get you started in the right direction for safe camping food storage with the Big Game™.

Tips For Storing Your Camping Food

Bear Canister Storage

For the true outdoorsman, a bear canister or bear vault is a must. They come in a variety of styles and various cost ranges but this is a tool that you will find to be very handy in reducing the smell of your food and protecting it from all wildlife who attempt to break into your edibles. While they can often be heavy (up to 4 pounds), a good quality bear vault can keep out even the smallest of bugs and pathogens. You will quickly find this to be a necessity in your camping supply.

Hang Out of Reach

When you just don’t have the space in your hiking pack for a heavy container, go for the second best choice. Hang your food out of reach with a parachute cord. These cords are inexpensive and have multiple camping uses. So why not use a tool that is already in your arsenal to tie your goods far up a tree. Do note that this is only truly effective with ground animals and will not keep those such as squirrels from making an attempt to steal your food. However, it works well in a pinch or when you are just cramped for space or limited weight.

Sink Your Goods

To prevent both climbing and ground animals from carting away your goods, you can always sink them. This option works when you have access to a completely sealed pack, one that is waterproof of course. Then simply place those well-sealed items in a pack or container, tie on some weight and sink down into the waters. This also works well with foods that need to be kept cool as the water often carries a much lower temp than the air outside. Even more so in the part frozen lakes in the winter during hunting or ice fishing season.

Tips For Storing Your Camping Food

Food Preservation

No matter which method of food storage you choose, you will need the FoodSaver® GameSaver® Big Game™ Vacuum Sealing System to ensure proper sealing of all edibles. This is a superior food preservation system that by far exceeds expectations on keeping food safely sealed and completely. Use the Big Game™ to secure everything you will eat and carry before leaving home. Store in single use portions for the best results and reducing the need to seal again.

This Father’s Day, give your outdoorsman a gift he will use time and time again. Not only before he heads out to the great wild but also when he comes home as well. Dad will be excited to use the Big Game™ to store harvested fish and game and essentially keeping it fresh up to 5 times longer than ordinary storage methods. Allowing more time before you have to worry about spoiling and essentially giving you more options for when you wish to cook and serve. You can only eat so much fish in a week!

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Tips For Storing Your Camping Food

Shop your local Wal-Mart location or online at for the FoodSaver® GameSaver® Big Game™ Vacuum Sealing System and a box of GameSaver® 11″ x 16’” Vacuum Heat-Seal Rolls too. Just remember that when camping the great outdoors, food storage can mean all the difference providing a safer camping spot and for your health. So, get outside, share a hobby and happy Father’s Day to all the dads!

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