Custom Sticker Design Tips and Tricks

Custom Sticker Design Tips and Tricks

There are a lot of ways to spread the word about a business, and techniques to help market products and services. In the age of technology, individualized stickers have become a popular marketing tool. At first glance, designing a sticker may seem like a difficult task. Don’t worry! It is far less difficult than it seems but it is important to know certain pieces of information before beginning the creation process.

  • What is being communicated 
  • Typography (will words be legible and appealing)
  • How the stickers will be printed

Once these items have been decided, there are some basic steps that can help a business make and order custom stickers quicker and easier. 

1. Choosing the shape and size

Stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes which is part of the reason they are such a popular marketing technique. There is a simple yet stylish rectangle or square design. The circular sticker is unique but easy to work with and fun for all ages. If a sticker design doesn’t fit a particular shape, it can be created with a clear vinyl backing. This provides infinite opportunities for possible shapes. Based on the sticker’s use, size can be an important factor. Laptop stickers tend to be smaller while bumper stickers are often medium-sized for readability on the road. In some cases, it is even possible to create giant wall stickers. The design and purpose of the custom stickers should make it fairly easy to decide what shape and size will work best.

2. Typography tips

If a sticker design includes words, it is important that they can be read and understood. Text on stickers should be short and sweet. More often than not, a sticker will either have the company’s name or a short phrase that is tied to the business. More than that will clutter the sticker and hurt its visual appeal. A bold, clear font should be used to increase visibility. Another trick is to use contrasting colors for the text and the background. The difference in color causes the text to really stand out. 

3. Use bright colors

Stickers are made to get people’s attention. The eye is drawn to bright colors and stickers are usually viewed from long distances. By using one or two complementary (or contrasting) colors, a design can really pop. This adds interest and can spark curiosity in anyone who happens to see the sticker. 

 4. Be true to the brand

Custom stickers are made to reflect the brand being advertised. If the colors or typography of the sticker do not match that of the actual brand, it can cause confusion and even divert attention away from the business. More than anything else, the brand should be recognizable through the sticker. 

5. Printing tips

There are different materials available when creating stickers. One of the final design choices is whether to use a glossy finish, which gives the sticker a shine, or a matte finish, which gives the sticker a smoother look. Finally, make sure the bleed and trim are to the specifications of the printers. 

Whether it’s a personal project, a start-up business, or a business that’s been around awhile, stickers are a fun and easy way to market a brand!

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  1. I have never tried doing this. Might be a good idea for our small business. Thanks!

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