7 Ways to Have Fun with Friends While Stuck at Home

7 Ways to Have Fun with Friends While Stuck at Home

Kids are the masters of coming up with creative ways to have fun together. Once we hit adulthood we tend to rely so much on going out to have a good time that we forget how to share time together at home.

Being stuck at home doesn’t have to be the end of shared adventures. Entertaining at home can be great for your budget, and an opportunity to get to know friends one on one.

Here are seven ways to have fun with friends while stuck at home.

1. Host a Poker Night

Who doesn’t love poker? Card games are a timeless way of having fun with friends.

Make a night of it by pulling out the snacks and whiskey. You can even play with real money if you’re feeling a little more adventurous. 

These days you can go to the casino online if you’re interested in trying your hand at gambling. Sites like Double Bubble SlotsWise offer a fun slot game that features real cash prizes.

2. Throw a Cocktail Tea Party

Gather up a stack of teapots and have fun filling them with different cocktails. A teapot theme is simple enough for everybody to join in.

You can go as fancy or casual with this theme as you’d like.

3. Have Fun With Friends Doing Art

Put on some of your favorite music, crack out the paints, and start creating. You could work on a giant mural together or your own separate pieces.

Wherever your particular talent lies, creating art together can be a fun way to get to know each other and yourself more.

4. Learn to Cook

Get your Jamie Oliver on and cook something new from what you’ve got in the cupboard. You might be surprised by what you come up with together.

If too many chefs threaten to spoil the broth (and the good time), delegate a course to each person or team. This way you can learn from each other and eat good food all day.

5. Gardening

If you’re really hardcore you can get into the garden even when it’s raining. If you’re stuck at home for non-weather related reasons, gardening might be your best friend.

Thanks to the internet you can learn how and when to plant a vegetable garden, propagate a plant you want more of, and grow a herb garden.

Gardening is also a great way to get exercise if you can’t leave the house. 

6. Cook Outside

You could attempt a hangi if you’re feeling brave, or learn how to cook over a fire. Camp ovens are a great way to cook in hot coals if you are allowed an outdoor fire.

An easier option, if you don’t feel like getting smokey, is to have a barbeque.

7. Binge Funny YouTube Videos

YouTube is the ultimate place to find a never-ending stream of hilarious videos. You can do this for hours before you realize the time.

Funny cat videos are a good place to start, followed by anyone’s suggestions. You never know where the YouTube recommendations might lead you.

If All Else Fails

Try doing a couple of these things at once.

Poker night with cocktails? Gardening followed by a barbeque? Get creative and you might discover new ways to have fun with friends that you never would have imagined before.

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  1. These are some good suggestions. I also think it would be fun to mail postcards and write letters to friends.

  2. So, no. 4, learn how to cook, is something I’m doing with friends. My friend and I both cook a new recipe from the same cookbook and then we share them through Skype.

  3. These are great ideas. I like the idea of learning to cook together. I’m really missing my friends. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great ideas! I like the You Tube and cooking on an open fire. We have been doing many of the others…well, not poker but card games.

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