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Mom to Bed by 8 welcomes So Beautifully Broken!

Since my teenage years, I have been one to observe a uniqueness in my fashion style. Heck I wear heels with my favorite jeans and zombie tees. My opinion is to stay young as long as possible and show as much attitude as you possible can. Needless to say when I stumbled upon So Beautifully Broken, it was a match that was meant to be.

My heart became quickly attached to a Silver Dog tag hand stamped with “Keep Calm and Show them What Little Girls are Made of” with one silver tone bullet charm accent on a simple silver tone chain. To my excitement the wonderful Terri was happy to send it over to satisfying jewelry obsession.

So Beautifully Broken

While it was a simple silver dog tag, rough hand-stamped, it was completely my style. I can totally rock this as a statement piece with everything from a basic tee and jeans moment to a babydoll dress with cowboy boots. The chain was a nice ball style which held the traditional dog tag style. Then when you pair the saying the the bullet, you get the wow factor that brings the eyes right to the chest in amazement. One wear and I got not only a few stares but a that is cool, where I can I get one.

So Beautifully Broken offers a variety of raw pieces from bracelets, necklaces and even pet tags. Terri Ellenburg is amazingly one of a kind. You can be sure that unless your friends all shop her website, you will probably have a piece no one will have ever seen before and they will all be jealous. Her creations also will not break the bank. Most pieces are between $20 and $30 bucks.

Another one of my lustful favorites I will be back for soon is the 50 shades of grey inspired necklace! Can’t wait to see the looks with that one. *wink, wink*

50 Shades

About So Beautifully Broken

Terri Ellenburg handmade jewelry is versatile enough for both everyday wear and special occasions. Terri’s nature-inspired designs have classic styling with great attention to detail. With emphasis on both design and craftsmanship, Terri’s goal is to make timeless, meticulously crafted pieces that can be treasured for years to come. Terri Ellenburg’s Designs are unique and versatile conversation pieces, often described as modern classic. Her inventive style blurs the boundaries of artist and designer. Adventurous and bold, yet timeless, Terri’s innovative jewelry appeals to everyone. Whether a gift or a personal treasure, there really is something for everyone.

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