SnoozeShade Original Review

Once you become a mom, you realize quickly how important those few moments of quiet time you get, really are. With the SnoozeShade, I found that normally I get a little longer when out and about than I did before. This product attaches quickly and securely to nearly any stroller (including both our jogger and umbrella). Once on it completely blacks out any light from entering into the seating area. I found that by preventing the changing lights from entering while Elliot is asleep, he becomes less likely to be awoken.

The SnoozeShade Original also has a zipper in the front that can be opened to check in on your little one or even to leave open for them to look out. This product is available in black with three trim color options: green, latte and powder pink. When ordering from you will also receive a free storage bag with purchase.


SnoozeShade Original – the pram and stroller blackout blind

Do you . . .
  • get tired of pegging muslins or draping blankets over your pram to help baby sleep?
  • find the sun and bright light prevents your baby from nodding off?
  • feel frustrated when baby can’t switch off when there’s too much going on?
  • want to encourage good sleeping habits and better napping when baby is out?

SnoozeShade Original, the UK’s first universal blackout blind for prams and strollers, can help.

SnoozeShade Original is a unique blackout blind for prams, carrycots, pushchairs and buggies. This innovative baby sleep product was created by a British mother specifically to help babies and toddlers sleep for as long as needed in a pram or pushchair.

Made from a double layer of soft dark breathable fabric, SnoozeShade Original provides a shady and well-ventilated sleep environment by blocking 94% of light.

It’s what mums have been waiting for – a simpler, safer, lightweight and secure alternative to draping coats or blankets – and, above all, it works.

It’s the UK’s first sleeping-on-the-go solution for babies and it’s great for holidays, in restaurants or anytime you have to be out during baby’s naptime.

Its patent-pending design shuts out the world to help keep sleeping babies snoozing in their pushchairs and helps alert babies to switch off enough to allow them to fall asleep.

With UPF50+ protection, SnoozeShade Original can be used all year round.

It’s simple and easy to check on your sleeping baby using the ‘sneak-a-peek’ zip at the front.

Compact and lightweight, SnoozeShade Original is small enough to hang off pram handles or leave in your change bag, handbag or stroller basket to use when you need it. When naptime is over, just pop it away into its storage bag.

  • Elasticated top and sides with easy-to-attach Velcro straps ensure SnoozeShade Original fits easily to most popular prams and strollers.
  • Bright coloured trim and straps are useful to give some extra visibility for you and your stroller.
  • Protects babies from the sun with the highest level of sun protection – UPF50+.
  • Tested to all current British, European and US safety standards.

For more detailed information about SnoozeShade Original, click here.





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