Sesame Street Wood 29-Piece Train Set Review

All of my kids loved trains. My older ones all asked for a train set at some point growing up and now my youngest has been asking about getting one. I can remember many instances of attempting to put together train tracks and train cars that wouldn’t stay on the tracks. I wanted to be sure that I was getting a strong, quality train set that actually worked and wouldn’t end up being a frustrating waste of time and money.

I was recently offered the opportunity to try the Sesame Street Train Set. Since Fisher Price and Sesame Street are and have always been trusted household names, I was more than happy to accept the opportunity. I anticipated a well made, quality toy crafted from classic wooden parts that would provide my child with countless hours of imaginative play. My little one anticipated the arrival of Elmo and friends. Let’s say that neither of us was disappointed.

Sesame Street Wood 29-Piece Train Set

The all natural wood train set is made for kids ages three to six and contains 29 pieces that include a bridge, a figure eight track, four wood train cars that have magnetic connections at each end, Elmo, Abby Caddaby, Oscar the Grouch, Mr. Hooper’s Store and other accessories like trees and a street sign. The track is over three feet long and a foot wide. I was highly impressed by the quality and the look of this train set. My little one was overjoyed and super excited.

As soon as the box was open, my little one begged me to put it together. We took out the pieces and got started. First I noticed the quality of the wood and how good everything looked. I couldn’t find even one imperfection. The second thing I noticed was that it was so easy to put together, my kid didn’t even really need my help. The pieces easily attach together and my little one had no trouble putting the laying out the pieces and setting up the track and train. We placed the trees and sign along the tracks and it was time to play.

Fisher-Price Sesame Street Wood 29-Piece Train Set

Sesame Street has been a big part of each of kid’s lives so my child couldn’t have been happier playing with Elmo, Abby and Oscar, visiting Mr. Hooper’s Store and pretending to ride all around Sesame Street; my kid was nothing but giggles and smiles. This set is perfect for any Sesame Street fan; boy or girl, and would make a great gift for any child three and up. My older ones even stopped to play with my youngest for a little while, because it’s a train set and none of them could resist and just walk past it, lol. I’ll admit, I had a ball playing with the train set along with my child.

We have always bought Fisher Price toys and other products because we have grown to trust the brand over the years. I was very happy with everything about the Fisher Price Wood Sesame Street 29 Piece Train Set. It’s one of those toys that allow your child to use their imagination while playing and will last for years. It’s well made, durable and easy to assemble. Your child will play with this toy for hours and hours if you let them and will come up with all different scenarios while they play. This is a wonderful toy for any young child and I highly recommend it.

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