Selling Fashion Items Online

Selling Fashion Items Online

Spring is approaching, and it’s time to evaluate your wardrobe, decide what you wish to add, and remove items that you no longer wear or like.  You can give these items away, donate them, sell them locally, or sell them online.

  1. In order to sell items online, you need to be sure they are in the best possible condition.  Dry clean or wash wear necessary, and condition leather goods like handbags and shoes.
  2. Take clear, vibrant pictures. Multiple pictures will sell your item fastest. Be sure to have a close up of tags, details, and any flaws.  Long shots of a model shot to show size and proportion will aid buyers in making decisions.
  3. Select a site to list the items.  Consider fees, traffic, and ease of listing.
  4. Price your item fairly.  Search for similar items to see what is selling.
  5. Write a detailed description for each listed item.  Include the best pictures you took.  The more pictures, the better every time.  And tell buyers why you are selling.  I want something new is a great reason to sell, and buyers are thinking the same thing as they look at your item, which is new to them.
  6. Complete the transaction.  Be sure to communicate quickly and clearly with buyers.
  7. Ship your item to your buyer in a timely fashion using a service such as KD Mailing Services.

Be cautious about shipping internationally, and if you are getting a negative gut response to a buyer’s messages, it is a good reason to back out of the sale.  No one wants to deal with problems in online sales.  Your instincts are there for a reason.

Then reap the rewards of your sales efforts and shop for something on trend for spring like a blouse in the hot new color pantone, a dress with a touch of metallic, or a bold geometric print scarf.

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