Prince Lionheart seatNEAT Review and Giveaway

What do you get when you mix nice dining chairs and a 2 year old self-feeding in a booster? The seatNEAT®! Tired of our children’s meals ending up on our chairs, we decided to design this handy product. The seatNEAT fits atop any chair, easily wipes clean and leaves dining chairs looking great after years of family meals.

  • Side flaps prevent strap ware to upholstery
  • Water-resistant
  • Non-slip bottom

What the momma thinks…..

Okay I may not have cloth chairs but I will tell you that even wood can become damaged by spills if left uncleaned. I learned this the hard way after using our boosterPOD for about two weeks. I always thought I was cleaning the booster and chair throughly because there was no mess that I could continue to see after the wipe down. Little did I know that pieces of food and drops of liquids like melted ice cream and kool-aid remained under the base of the boosterPOD out of sight.

I remember the day I decided to clean my dining room from top to bottom which included every inch of my table and chairs. I was horrified that I had let my little guy sit there day-to-day never knowing what kind of sticky mess lay underneath. The boosterPOD wiped clean with no problem but after 15 minutes of scrubbing the chair I realized the bit of discoloration and red stain was not coming out.

So when the seatNEAT arrived I was overly anxious to try it out. It fit so, so on the wooden chair seat. Not perfectly but well enough that when I place the booster on top and locked it into place, you really couldn’t tell that anything was off set. I realize that most who are looking for this type of protection have a more squared cloth chair where as our wooden is wider and curved. Either way it doesn’t stand out as odd after the boosterPOD attached.

Learning from my mistakes in the beginning I decided to clean this chair throughly after 7 days of using the Prince Lionheart seatNEAT and it was nasty to say the least. Thank goodness we had this product in place. Between our lovely sitter and daddy’s ice cream days, how knows what this awful stuff could be. The boosterPOD again cleaned up nicely and the chair was left uninjured. What a joyous success.

Now cleaning the seatNEAT is a whole different story. This product is hand clean only; thus no tossing it in the washer. I scrubbed this chair protector for a good long time with the rough back of a sponge and wipes it clean using only water. It took several hours to dry as well. So I suggest cleaning before bedtime and letting it dry overnight. This way it will be ready to go by breakfast.

Overall this addition is well worth the buy. Even you think about the cost of chair replacement vs the cost of the seatNEAT; it is a must have that you cannot ignore. The seatNEAT is available in black-grey and brown-tan and is priced around $14.00!


Prince Lionheart is sending one Mom to Bed by 8 reader a seatNEAT!

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