Four Ways to Fund and Save Money For Your Next Adventure

Four Ways to Fund and Save Money For Your Next Adventure

Whether you have written down your bucket list or not, one of the top goals will usually be to travel to more places and to travel often. Yet there is that sense of worry and fear that comes hand in hand with the excitement of new places. How can you manage your finances when you travel? How will you be able to afford it in the first place?

This can easily lead to people brushing the idea of travel aside, but there are many ways you can make this dream to see the world come true without too much stress or hassle. It all starts with changing your outlook on expenses and redefining what “wealthy” means to you.

There are many benefits to traveling which includes learning more about new cultures, learning a language and it can be good for your mental health. By giving yourself a well-deserved break from the hard work that is a nine to five, you can increase your productivity and motivation once you return.

Everyone’s financial situation may be different, but there are certainly ways to save up that money to fund your travels and make your next adventure come true. Don’t let expenses hold you back; you don’t have to be rich either – here are some ways you can save money to fund your next new adventures.

Four Ways to Fund and Save Money For Your Next Adventure

Keep track of your expenses and cut down on unnecessary costs

Money management is key when you are saving money, whether for travel or not. By managing your money effectively, you can keep track of where it goes and where you can cut down.

Set aside a day in the week to look over your expenses. Pin-point where most of your money goes and if there is a chance to cut down, make a note of it. The smallest saving can accumulate over time.

Are you spending an unnecessary amount on certain things that you do not really need or want? By doing this, you can see where your finances are at and where you can reduce or even eliminate expenses entirely.

Writing everything down or setting up a system to calculate where your expenses go can make it easier for you to see. Habits may be difficult to break, but if you want that next adventure or the new item, you need to break them.

Find out which are your “needs” and which are your “wants.” Ask yourself if you really need that new item right now or can it wait? Do you need Netflix? Friday night drinks?

Likewise, take advantage of discounts and coupons. These can easily cut down your costs when used effectively. And consider buying certain food items in bulk, and you can save money (and time) on your next food shop!

Loan from a trusted company

If you need that extra bit of money to fully fund your next adventure, then loans might be another alternative.

This can still be useful even if you have a bad credit history. Some companies such as Bonsai Finance allows loans for people who may have a bad credit history. There are many options, so make sure you research these options and choose the best one for you.

Four Ways to Fund and Save Money For Your Next Adventure

Consider starting a side hustle

Even if you have a full-time job, there are many alternatives to earn extra cash on the side. This can come in the form of part-time jobs, temporary work or weekend work.

But if you are artistically-inclined, you may consider selling your craft and artwork online. Figure out what is possible with your skillset and talents and find opportunities and avenues to make money from this. In this way, you can increase that travel money and even have enough for that overly-expensive coffee!

You can also earn money as you travel. If you like writing, consider starting a travel blog and write about the places you have been to, any tips and tricks you learned during your travels and such articles. Over time you may gain a following and even attract affiliate marketing and earn while you write and while you travel.

Another alternative way to earn money on the side is to become a virtual assistant. With strong organization, computer and organization skills, you can make some money.

This usually involves performing a range of tasks from typing up emails, buying supplies to arranging appointments. And you can do all of these in your own home.

Sell your stuff

Have a lot of things lying around and gathering dust that you know you will never use? Any clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Books that have been sitting in a pile read once and never again?

You can either donate them or sell them. Clothes are especially sought after. As long as they are in good condition, you can sell your second-hand clothing online, whether you start your own online store or use one of the many platforms, is completely up to you. Vintage clothing may fetch a price and one of a kind outfits too. It’s a great way to earn a little bit of cash and clear up some space at the same time!

Likewise, if you have any electronics lying around, you can pop by your nearest electronics store and haggle a price. Older versions may have increased value or those that have not been manufactured for a while.

Spend a day clearing up your room and see which items you don’t need anymore, and see if they can be sold.

These are only a few ways you can save money or earn money on the side. A change in outlook and money management is the first step. Putting into action some of these may also reap benefits in terms of decluttering and managing your finances efficiently. There are many avenues that you can go into to earn more money and save some, and if you implement these efficiently, you’ll see that traveling without breaking your bank is completely possible. Commitment, dedication and time management is key, and soon enough, you’ll be off on your next adventure!

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