Baby Safety Month ~ 8 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Newborn Safe

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Luvs at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

September is officially Baby Safety Month, and we are reminded of what it was like to be a first time mom. All the advice you will receive is often times overwhelming. Some will leave you afraid to be the type of parent you always dreamed of being. I am here to tell you to just breathe. You have time to discover what is best for you and your baby. Time to create a routine based on love and safety that fits your lifestyle and helps keep your newborn safe.

8 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Newborn Safe

When all things considered, it’s no wonder Luvs available at Walmart has become the official diaper of experienced parents.  A brand that provides you with peace of mind with Ultra Leakguard protection. No mom wants to worry about wetting through the diaper and all over their bedding or clothing. After all, that’s a bit gross. Eew!

As a new mom, leaks were something I dreaded. I can remember being out to eat for the first time since giving birth and my daughter peeing through her diaper, clothes and straight to my shirt. I was so embarrassed. But even more so flustered as I had to take my child to the bathroom and proceed to completely change her – diaper, clothes and all. While she was now clean, I was not. So, our meal was cut short before I even lifted my fork. I went home in tears. It was scaring memory that I hold now even fourteen years later.

Through this experience, I learned that not all diapers are the same. In all honesty, we have tried them all. After all, seven children gave us a lot of time to shop around. For us, Luvs offers protection against leaks, affordable prices, AND a money back guarantee. Three fantastic reasons to take a chance and make a good diaper decision. You will be happy that you did.

8 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Newborn Safe

Let’s get back to baby safety advice. I know, I know, I warned against the massive amounts of do it this way chats you will receive before and after baby is born. I learned to sit quietly and just listen. If I found the topic to be something I agreed with or wanted to know more about, I engaged. Otherwise, simply smile and nod. Then get back to your day. These are the tips I took to heart. Some I learned the hard way but each one carries value that I believe in.

  1. Sleeping Position – You will hear concerns about this from medical advisers and your loved ones. Some will tell you that baby is okay to sleep on their side. We have to disagree. To reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, babies should always sleep on their back. This has been heavily studied and the facts are simply the facts.
  2. Swaddling – Take time to learn the proper way to swaddle. If you have any questions, the nursery nurses can help and are happy to do so. Ask and swaddle. Then ask again if you are unsure or are seeing a loss swaddle. This can be an effective and soothing technique. One that we cherished with all of our children. Honestly, a crying infant leads to stressed parents. Use this method to help assist you with this and sleeping issues.
  3. Co-Sleeping – This is completely up to you. I know the research but I also know that sometimes you are so exhausted that having baby beside you for convenient feedings especially in the beginning is near necessity. My youngest three co-slept and I feel like they are closer to me than those that did not. Odd, I know but it is true.
  4. 8 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Newborn Safe

  5. Carseat Safety – This is a must. If you cannot afford a new carseat, call your local pregnancy help center and they can give you advice on organizations that can help you. Often times, even the hospital has a loaner program. If you are going to use one that has been passed down, double-check the model and year to ensure it is still good. As I am sure you know, a rear-facing infant carseat should be used for the first 8-9 months of their life. Always follow the weight and position guidelines provided.
  6. Preventing Falls – Never leave your baby alone on any surface which they can fall or roll off. Even if looking away for just a second, it can happen and even at the youngest age. I made this mistake and placed my sleeping son on the couch long enough for a bathroom break at around three months. When I came back, he rolled onto the floor. Thank goodness it was a short tumble, the floor was carpeted and he was swaddled. He was still sleeping but I was balling. How could I make this mistake? It happens and we want you to be aware of it from the start.
  7. Warming a Bottle – Never, I mean never use the microwave to heat your baby’s bottle. Just like when reheating food, the warmth is not the same throughout. There will be hot spots even in liquid. Just don’t do it. I used room temperature baby water that I purchased by the gallon and then warmed though a stream of water from our sink.
  8. Pet Safety – Just like with falls, do not leave baby alone with the family pet. They can adore your infant and be the most well manner pet and accidentally hurt baby. It maybe a scratch from cuddling, a small nip from cleaning the milk or even a smothering weight from your pet showing how much they love the new addition to the family. Not all pet accidents are intentional and often times are just things we never considered could happen.
  9. Safety from Themselves – Unsure arms and hands that scratch their sweet faces. This can be solved with those adorable infant mittens and caps. Preventing diaper rash includes a clean, dry bottom quickly after soiling their diaper. Never let baby sit in their own pee or poo longer than necessary. Use Luvs from @Walmart with Ultra Leakguard protection to help keep them dryer longer.

8 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Newborn Safe

I know we left a lot out and you will learn your own way as you go. There is so much good information out there and we want you to take it all in on your own time. Learn to be the parent you want to be while you keep your newborn safe and happy!

Have you thought about giving Luvs a try? Maybe you are a mom who already uses the official diaper of experienced parents. We want to add in a special tip and save you a little money along the way. Keep your eye out for this Sunday’s newspaper (8/26) which will contain a $2 off two bags or one box of Luvs diapers at Walmart coupon in the brandSAVER.

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