How to Remove a Squirrel from your Yard

Sometimes an animal problem in your yard such as a nest of squirrels, is beyond the scope of the average homeowner to solve. In some cases, professional trapping and removal is the best route. If you do want to hire professional help, do not hire a pest control company or exterminator, who might kill the animal. Hire a dedicated wildlife control professional, and ask him if he uses humane control methods, such as live trapping and relocation. You can find a nationwide list of professional experts at who are adept at humane animal removal.

How to Remove a Squirrel from your Yard


If squirrels are getting into your garden or taking fruit off of your trees then you have more of a challenge. You can’t really put up a fence, because the squirrels can climb over it or dig under it to get into the garden. They can climb trees so that presents a challenge as well. You can spray the hot sauce on it, but this will ruin the fruit, and you don’t want to really put pesticides on it but many do not like these compounds on their food.

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There are a whole lot of repellents out there that you can try but, being honest, they are almost completely useless. Most add things like predator urine or mothballs, and squirrels are not affected by this at all. This includes such things as ultrasonic noises, which are equally useless. Seeking help from pest control Omaha NE professionals maybe your best option if your squirrel problem is out of hand.

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If you want to put up a fence of any kind of material to keep them out, then you must make sure that it is metal. This is the one thing that squirrels cannot get through. A metal fence is not only hard for them to chew on, but just as hard for them to climb because it is not a rough surface like a tree. They don’t get the same grip and you can successfully keep them out this way. Put up a 6 foot metal fence that is buried at least 12 inches into the ground and you will have great success.

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