Unwelcome Post-Pregnancy Surprises: The Solutions

Unwelcome Post-Pregnancy Surprises: The Solutions

When you fell pregnant, you knew that your body was going to change. You were expecting a bump, a few cravings, and perhaps swollen ankles. It wasn’t going to be fun, but it was going to be worth it.

Now you have had your baby, and it’s wonderful; the adjustment to motherhood is one that you have made with ease, and you’re loving every second. Everything in your life would be perfect… except your body is very different from how it was before. You knew your body was going to change while you were pregnant, but no-one warned you it remain changed when you had given birth. It’s fair to say finding out the reality of your post-pregnancy body was not exactly a welcome surprise.

Unwelcome Post-Pregnancy Surprises: The Solutions

Thankfully, there are things you can do to combat the way your body has altered since you had your little one– you just need a handy list full of solutions that will work for you. And it just so happens, there’s one right here…

PROBLEM: Hair Loss

Hair loss after pregnancy is a result of hormonal changes and is completely normal– but somehow, that doesn’t make you feel much better about it. No one wants their new “normal” to involve waking up and wondering why your cat is on the pillow, then realizing that the “cat” is actually clumps of your own hair. The loss of volume, and even potential bald spots, is not something you were prepared for.


Your hormones will, in time, stabilize, and the hair loss will cease to be an issue. However, this is a long process, and one you might not want to wait for. With a two-pronged attack, you can get your hair back to its best: supplement biotin to encourage growth and hair health (check with your doctor before taking any supplements, of course) and use tape in hair extensions to improve your hair volume and length immediately.

PROBLEM: Back Pain

Women experience back pain following pregnancy due to the problems caused by carrying your former bump. Your bump extended your abdominal muscles, which in turn weakens them. As a result, your back has to do more work to support you while you’re upright. Eventually, your back begins to protest at the extra workload, and back pain results.


Oddly enough, the best solution for back pain is stomach muscle exercises. As you strengthen your stomach muscles, your back will have to do less work, and your pain will ease as a result. Below is a video for a core stabilization routine especially designed for postnatal women, so give it a try and see how you get on.

PROBLEM: Stretch Marks

You likely knew that you may potentially experience stretch marks after pregnancy, but it’s still an unpleasant surprise when they arrive.


Stretch marks are very difficult to treat without invasive surgery; plenty of body creams claim to be able to diminish stretch marks, but these claims are rarely verified by accurate testing. Instead, why not be proud of your stretch marks and color them? After all, you have stretch marks for the very best reason, so be proud and embrace them as part of your post-pregnancy body.

Hopefully the above will help you adjust to the most common post-pregnancy body changes!

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