Earn Your Fire Safety Badge with the Hey Duggee Rescue Vehicle

Earn Your Fire Safety Badge with the Hey Duggee Rescue Vehicle #HotHolidayGifts2017

Isn’t it time for Hey Duggee? Parents around the globe have grown to know Duggee and his Squirrel Club pals through their adventures to earn activity badges in the TV series popular by NICK Jr. The beloved pooch encourages his playful pals to discover new things around them while being active and working as a team. After all teamwork is a key skill for all to learn and what better time to do so them during the pre-school years.

We love Duggee as he teaches our youngsters to be responsible and to take acceptable risks when needed. The animated preschool series, promotes exercise and learning through narration by BAFTA-winning comedian Alexander Armstrong. With the help of Jazwares, you can now bring Duggee and his friends home this holiday season. Go on an adventure into fire safety with the Duggee Rescue Vehicle!

Earn Your Fire Safety Badge with the Hey Duggee Rescue Vehicle #HotHolidayGifts2017

This super-fun vehicle captures all the energy and imagination of the award-winning preschool show in the perfect size for wee hands! Your child will earn their fire safety badge in true Squirrel Club fashion as they go on an imaginary journey to safe their favorite character in true Duggee style.

This exciting Rescue Vehicle includes Fireman Duggee, red firetruck, two-piece ladder and badge. The vehicle features a place to proudly display your Rescue Badge and space for his friends from the Squirrel Club to join in on the fun. Can you imagine the courageous rescues that await Duggee and friends with this set from Jazwares?

Earn Your Fire Safety Badge with the Hey Duggee Rescue Vehicle #HotHolidayGifts2017

The toy firetruck has working wheels that roll smoothly across flat surfaces. It sports plenty of space for fireman Duggee and two pals as well as side holders for it’s ladder and space for your Squirrel Club badge. To give it a realistic feel, notice the steering wheel and water hose attachment. Note both parts are secure and unmoving.

Earn Your Fire Safety Badge with the Hey Duggee Rescue Vehicle #HotHolidayGifts2017

The ladder comes in two pieces that can be easily placed together to create a tall fireman style ladder. While it does require a surface to lean on for support, this piece brings just the right amount of realism to playtime fun.


The rescue vehicle is so much fun to play with. However, we found it perfect when pairing with the Hey Duggee Squirrel Clubhouse. The two together allow for the ideal setting for an make believe fire scene for your child to work through excitedly to earn that highly sought after badge of honor.

Jazwares Hey Duggee Toys #HotHolidayToys2017

Jazwares, a creator of popular toys, brings to Duggee to life with their newest collection just in time for the holiday. This line includes the Huggable Duggee Feature Plush, Little Vehicles, Collectible Figurines and the Squirrel Clubhouse Playset (seen here)! You can find these and more at your local Wal-Mart stores and also online at Amazon.com.

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