PolarPillow for the Holidays! Cooling Pillow Review & Giveaway

Every night it never falls, I wake up for some reason and find myself flipping my pillow around for comfort. This is especially true when I am feeling overheated. This can be caused by seasonal issues such as the summer temperatures but mostly by the fact that I normally end up sharing my queen size bed with two of my favorite me, my hubby and toddler. Three people all in one space with one little guy as close to me as he can get without me falling off the bed caused mommy to get a little warmer than usual. So I could absolutely see a reason for a cool pillow to help me get a better night’s rest.

PolarPillow is a scientifically-formulated cool-to-the-touch pillow that uses advanced gel technology to generate coolness. The endothermic gel in the pillow uses ambient room temperature to dissipate body heat. Instead of a pillow that immediately gets warm from body contact, PolarPillow gives the user a cool, refreshing feeling for sleep comfort.

PolarPillow Simple Instructions:

  1. Place the PolarPillow in a standard pillowcase just like a regular pillow.
  2. Make sure the blue/cool side faces up and the white side faces down.
  3. Lay your head on the PolarPillow and you will start to feel coolness in 10 seconds!
  4. When not in use, avoid placing other pillows on top of the PolarPillow to allow for maximum air exposure so the pillow can re-energize itself.

How PolarPillow works:

  • PolarPillow’s endothermic gel technology uses the coolness of ambient room temperature to dissipate body heat.
  • PolarPillow requires no set-up, maintenance, electricity, batteries, refrigeration, chemicals or water.
  • You’ll notice that the PolarPillow is heavier than a normal pillow due to the weight of the liquid gel that keeps it cool.  In order to maintain maximum coolness we added the most gel possible, which allows the PolarPillow to stand out from the competition.  The weight is secondary to the pillow’s purpose and luckily you will never have to move or flip the pillow to find a cool spot anyway!


The Polar Pillow is heavy; I would guess somewhere around 10-12 pounds or so. This makes moving it around a little more difficult that your standard pillow which you can toss about the room with ease. Note no pillow fighting allowed with this baby.

One side resembles your everyday white cotton pillow and the other a blue cover over the top of the cooling gel. PolarPillow says that it will stay cool for approximately two hours of contact. I completely agree this is accurate and will add that I have not found a reason to remove or flip it in the evening since I started using. Even though it is not cold throughout the entire night, it does not seem to heat up to my body temp like my typically pillow does.

Since the Polar Pillow requires no set up, maintenance, electricity, refrigeration or water, it is pretty stress-free when it comes to use. My only complaint is not being able to fully wash it. Since the PolarPillow is filled with 200 ounces of gel, it is not machine washable. So if it becomes dirty in any way, I will have to handwash/spot clean.

All in all the Polar Pillow is useful and would make a great holiday gift for those that participate in sports, run or workout on a regular basis.

BUY IT: The PolarPillow is available from http://www.polar-pillow.com with free shipping! Use code MOMTOBEDBY8 to receive a 10% discount.


PolarPillow is providing one Mom to Bed by 8 reader a cooling pillow of their own this holiday season!


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