Planning A Family Road Trip You’ll Never Forget

Planning A Family Road Trip You'll Never Forget

Family road trips can be the best way to bond as a unit and have an unforgettable trip. However, careful planning is always necessary to ensure that there are minimal issues on your journey. When travelling with kids, it’s especially important you take the time to plan. Kids are more difficult to entertain, and they tend to need more rest stops, too. Unfortunately, you won’t just be able to hop in the car and drive to see where the road takes you. If you end up in the middle of nowhere with a child that needs the toilet, you’ll need to go with them at the side of the road – and this isn’t always the most dignified situation. 

With this in mind, how can you plan a family road trip that you’ll never forget? Read on:

1. Know Where You’re Going

For family road trips, you can’t be spontaneous and see where the road takes you. Not if you want a happy family and minimal issues. You should have a good idea of where you’re going so you can plan your toilet breaks. This will also give you the opportunity to set off early so you arrive at your destination within a decent time frame. 

2. Pack Safety Gear

Make sure you pack safety gear just in case. You should have things like a torch, a phone charger, a first aid kit, and anything else that can give you peace of mind. If something does happen on your road trip, carefully documenting everything will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve after an auto accident

3. Overestimate How Much Entertainment You Need

Make sure you overestimate how much entertainment you need for the kids. Have a few surprises in store, too. You could have a couple of toys up your sleeve for bigger tantrums. 

4. Pack Snacks And Water

You don’t know when you will be able to stop for food, or when your toddler will start crying because they want a snack. Make sure you plan plenty of separate snacks and water. 

5. Plan Plenty Of Stops

You should plan plenty of stops, not just for toilet breaks but to stretch your legs and enjoy the scenery. Check out the most scenic areas on your route to get a good idea of where you could stop. 

6. Make An Epic Family Playlist

Before you set off, create an epic family playlist so you can sing along and enjoy some quality time together. Younger kids may need more than this to keep them happy – such as a film or TV show on the iPad. 

7. Bring Wet Wipes And Resealable Bags

Kids can get sick, and have other accidents on road trips too. Wet wipes and resealable bags can help you to clean up quickly. They will also be helpful for sticky fingers, spills, and anything else you may encounter on your road trip. You might want to take further precautions by covering the car seats before you set off, just in case. 

Where will you go on your family road trip?

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  1. Good to make and check a well prepared list before going. Trips are especially nice when they’re thoroughly planned.

  2. We’re 100% making a playlist for our next trip! It seems like a great idea because preparing playlists requires collaboration and bonding time, so that doubles the fun!

  3. I love road trips. Thank you for the great advice about overestimating how much entertainment you will need. That is important especially traveling with children.

  4. Great tips. we had a trip planned up the east coast for the month of May but we have had to postpone.

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