3 Fantastic Physical Activities for Kids

3 Fantastic Physical Activities for Kids

Physical activity is one of the best things for a child’s health and development; physically, intellectually, and in terms of establishing good habits that will endure down the years.

Luckily, kids tend to be more than happy to get physically active, and are prone to spending much of their time running around, playing games that exhaust the adults around them, and having a great time.

With so many digital distractions filling the world today, however, it’s unfortunately not uncommon for kids to lack the motivation to give in to their wilder instincts and look for furniture to climb, or places to run.

With computer games and TV shows now more readily available than ever it can’t hurt to go the extra mile in finding healthy sporty activities for your child. Here are a few of the best.

3 Fantastic Physical Activities for Kids


Everyone remembers when they first learned how to ride a bike, and as we all know, it’s something which you never truly forget how to do once you know how.

Getting your child into cycling isn’t just an important rite of passage, it also opens the door to all sorts of fun family activities and adventures, ranging from cycling holidays to junior bike races. If your child is the more daring outdoorsy type, getting some advice on dirt bikes for kids from your local bike store, and then surprising them on Christmas, can be a fantastic way of earning some “best parent ever” points.

Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise out there, because it provides fantastic cardiovascular benefits while being much easier on the joints than distance running. For children who are still growing, this is a big plus.

Getting your child interested in cycling also has great carryover for later life, as studies have shown that grownups who cycle on a regular basis — even just to work and back — enjoy much better outcomes than just about everyone else.

3 Fantastic Physical Activities for Kids

Martial arts

Pretty much every action-oriented kids movie or TV show over the past few decades has involved martial arts to some degree or another, with the Karate Kid and the inimitable Mr. Miyagi probably being to thank for that.

Martial arts appeal to many kids, because they combine the idea of adventure and excitement with concepts of honour, confidence, security, and all-but-supernatural skills.

While parents may be hesitant to enroll their kids in martial arts classes for fear that they encourage aggression, all traditional schools of martial arts place a heavy emphasis on responsibility, self-control, and discipline, rather than brute force and confrontational attitudes.

Martial arts are a brilliant way for kids to develop their fitness, agility, flexibility, and balance, while also improving their confidence, having fun, and learning some practical self defense skills.

3 Fantastic Physical Activities for Kids


Even if you live a really long way from the nearest body of water, getting your kid enrolled in swimming lessons is a fantastic idea.

First of all, the ability to swim is an important life skill, and can even save a child’s life if they happen to fall into the water during a fishing expedition.

Secondly, as water is denser than air, swimming engages all the muscles of the body and gives them a light but effective and balanced workout, which in turn can help address posture issues and protect joints.

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