8 Supplies That Are a Sure Hit with Pet Parents

8 Supplies That Are a Sure Hit with Pet Parents

Pet parents want to make sure that they’re well-prepared to welcome their newest furred family members into their homes. It doesn’t matter if they have existing cats or dogs at home. They’ll still likely go on a shopping spree to purchase supplies that their new pet will need, especially while the pet is still getting used to a new environment.

As a shop owner, how can you maximize the chances that you’ll be able to provide pet parents with all the supplies that they need or want during this adjustment period and beyond? Here are a few supplies that you should stock up on:

Pet Beds

For pet owners, a new fur baby means a new pet bed, one that fits the size of the animal and is suitable for the climate in the area. If your shop is located in a place with mild summers and harsh winters, then your customers will likely look for a bed that can offer their pets sufficient warmth. Stocking up on wholesale dog beds that are made for the cold, then, will ensure that you’re ready to cater to the needs of these pet owners and their pets.

Pet Food

Pet parents want their fur babies to eat well. Older pets probably have a go-to brand of pet food that they like and tolerate. If your customers have a new pet, however, they’d likely be a bit more willing to try out different brands of food. This is to help them see how their new furred companion will like and react to various types of meals.

It’s a good idea, then, for pet shop and general merchandise store owners to stock up on some of the most popular pet food brands. These businesses should also offer a few food items that cater to pets with special needs, like those with kidney issues or those that should be losing a bit of weight.

Food and Water Bowls

Each dog or cat should have its own food bowl, so the addition of a new pet to the family will mean needing to purchase a new pet bowl. Some pet owners will be satisfied with simple stainless steel bowls. Others may want food bowls in different colors and sizes so that they can tell which one belongs to which pet.

Collars and Leashes

Dogs are not the only ones that need collars and leashes; with sufficient training, some indoor cats can tolerate being leashed and walked around the neighborhood. There are different types of dog and cat collars, and some pet parents may even want more than one type for their pets. Stock up on different collar and leash models so that your customers will have different options to choose from.

Hygiene Kit 

Indoor cats, of course, will need kitty litter and a box. Meanwhile, dogs will require poop bags and bag holders whenever they go on a walk around the neighborhood. In addition to these basic supplies, some pet owners may also want to buy disinfecting and stain- and odor-cleaning wipes for especially messy situations. Pets will also need to be groomed periodically, and some pet owners may want to complete this task at home. Prepare soaps and other pet cleaning and conditioning products for them, as well as nail maintenance tools like nail trimmers and grinders.

Pet First Aid Kit 

Curious dogs and cats can get into a bit of trouble while they’re still familiarizing themselves with their new homes. A pet first aid kit will come in handy in case the pet gets injured while getting to know their local haunts. Cautious pet owners and those who anticipate caring for highly energetic pets may want to keep a first aid kit for whenever their dog or cat gets a small nick or scrape.

Toys and Treats

One of the joys of owning pets is having every opportunity to play with and train these new furred companions. Different dogs and cats will have different reactions to pet toys. Indeed, it’s often a hit or miss when pairing pets with pet toys and treats. Prepare a wide assortment of toys and treats for dogs and cats so that pet owners who frequent your shop can easily find their pets’ favorite items. 

Grooming Brushes

Pets and their human parents often bond while playing and grooming. Depending on the breed and need of the pet, pet parents may also have to brush their pet’s fur now and then to prevent matting and the accumulation of dirt and dander. They’ll need fine and wide-toothed combs, brushes of different levels of softness, and probably lint removers to remove stray hairs from their clothes and furniture.

Is your shop prepared to accommodate the needs of new and seasoned pet parents alike? Which of these items are you running low on, and what other pet products are you planning to add to your list of merchandise?

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