Florida Bound: Top 5 Jacksonville Neighborhoods for Families

Florida Bound: Top 5 Jacksonville Neighborhoods for Families

If you’re getting ready to move to Jacksonville, Florida with your family, it’s important to make sure you choose a safe neighborhood with a family-friendly atmosphere and easy access to fun activities, shopping, and good schools. It can be difficult to choose between all options out there when it comes to good neighborhoods. The following list of the top five neighborhoods in Jacksonville should help you choose the right place for you and your family to call home.

1. Nocatee

Nocatee is a beautiful master-planned neighborhood located in the Southeast of Jacksonville. It is one of the best-selling communities in America due to its unique combination of coastal living and top-notch dining and entertainment options. Nocatee is part of the St. Johns County school system, which is a top-ranked school that provides excellent education. There are plenty of options for activities and entertainment for the whole family in the area including the Nocatee Spray Park, the Splash Water Park, a launch point for canoeing and kayaking, the Greenway hiking trails, and plenty of options for dining, shopping, entertainment, and more.

2. San Marco

San Marco is known as one of the safest neighborhoods in Jacksonville, making it an ideal place for families to call home. It’s located along the river front and is characterized by its beautiful mansions and Italian and Mediterranean-inspired architecture. There is a casual, laid-back feel to this historic area, making it easy to stroll around and enjoy all the amenities San Marco has to offer. The central square is the main attraction for this neighborhood. It contains a beautiful European fountain in the middle and is a great place to relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. The surrounding area offers lots of options if you’re looking to grab a drink, shop in a trendy boutique, or visit an art gallery. This neighborhood is located only minutes from downtown Jacksonville, making it easy to reach a more active, urban scene and further options for shopping, dining, and entertainment. The proximity to the city makes for excellent views rivaled only by the beautiful sunsets this neighborhood gets to experience on a regular basis.

3. Southside

Southside is another fast-growing neighborhood in Jacksonville due to its low crime rate, beautiful natural vistas, and access to great schools. Located south of the St. Johns river, this area offers stunning riverside views and boasts several parks and outdoor recreational areas where the whole family can get out and enjoy the sunny Florida weather. If outdoor activities aren’t your thing, you can enjoy the multiple options for shopping and indoor entertainment in the area. The Avenue Mall is an indoor shopping center with plenty of high-end stores, while the St. Johns Town Center has an open-air concept that includes a hotel and a business center along with many interesting retail options. For more entertainment, you can always check out the nearby Tinseltown which features a movie theater, more unique and interesting stores, and a vibrant nightlife.

4. Riverside

Riverside is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Jacksonville, which can be seen in the abundance of history, beauty, and culture that characterizes this area. Considered the cool, trendy part of town, this neighborhood is largely populated by young families and young professionals buying or renting their first place. There is a wide range of housing options to fit any family, from trendy apartments to upscale single-family homes to sprawling, beautiful million-dollar houses with waterfront views. This neighborhood is also considered one of the safest in the Jacksonville area, making it a great place to raise a family. There is also a tight-knit community here, characterized by a fun, urban vibe that would make for a great support system for families to get plugged into. There are plenty of entertaining and educational opportunities for the whole family including a variety of bars, vintage clothing stores, antique shopping centers, parks, and local art venues. One can’t-miss highlight is the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens which is considered one of the largest fine arts museums in Northeast Florida.

5. Oceanway

Oceanway is located on the northside of Jacksonville and is perfect for families wanting to enjoy the “old Florida” feel and connect with nature. This neighborhood was once an industrial complex but has recently seen a substantial growth of affordable apartments and single-family homes, several located on the riverfront for gorgeous views. It is located just minutes from the downtown area but is known for its relaxed atmosphere and rural feel. There are large stretches of coastal wetlands where families can go kayaking, canoeing, and wild-life spotting. Huguenot Park, the Jacksonville Zoo, and the Timucuan Ecological and Historical Preserve are all located in this area and provide excellent nature-based educational and entertainment options for the whole family.

If you and your family are looking to move to Jacksonville, Florida, there are many great options when it comes to safe neighborhoods with beautiful scenery and a vibrant culture and community to connect with. With several high-quality moving companies in the area, like Suddath or MoveDay Movers, it’s also a breeze to relocate here. Jacksonville is an amazing city, and there is sure to be a neighborhood for you, whether you’re looking to lean into that urban feel or trying to get closer to nature while still staying minutes from the downtown area. Hopefully this list will give you a good starting point as you plan your big Florida move!

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