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I am the type of person who needs to write everything down. It helps me to remember important things like appointments or events and also good ideas I have or things I need to do for my site. Even when i was growing up, I had a weekly planner for school. There wasn’t much written in it but I just loved the idea of having one. As an adult, I still love the idea of using a planner, but I have never found one in any store that completely fits my individual needs. There is always either not enough space where I need it and way too much space where I don’t need it, or it doesn’t fit what I actually am planning for.

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When I was offered the chance to have my own custom planner made by a company called Personal Planner, I was super stoked. I hadn’t heard of them before and I was so happy that they even existed. They allow you to go on their site and design your own personal planner from cover to cover at a very reasonable and affordable price. Then they print and bind your planner and ship it to you, all at a super affordable price. I have seen other sites where you can choose a photo to use as the cover of a planner, but this is different. You design every single page. You get to choose everything yourself so that is it truly a uniquely customized and personal planner. Everything is up to you and you get to create a personal planner that is just for you and exactly what you have always needed and envisioned it to be.

You can choose from images that they offer or upload your own for the front and the back cover of your planner. Then you can add text to say whatever you like. I love this and it took me a while to decide on what pictures I wanted to upload for the covers and exactly what I wanted it to say. I think this is awesome and what’s even cooler is that you get to design everything. You can choose the size of the planner, the layout of the pages, add coloring pages, maps and all kinds of other features to your planner. You are in charge of everything down to the color of the elastic closure that holds your planner closed. You can make your planner look exactly how you want it to look and add whatever pages you need in a planner to make your life more organized. The people at Personal Planner had a brilliant idea that I absolutely love.

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Once I placed my order, I waited patiently for it to arrive. Okay, maybe I wasn’t all that patient because I could not wait for my planner to get here. It shipped pretty fast and before I knew it, it was here. When I opened the package, I hoped that it was all I imagined it to be and it was! It looked incredible. So professional and perfect, it had everything that I needed in it. It was well bound and reinforced and I can tell that it will stand up to my chaotic daily life. After receiving the planner there is always room to order additional items like these planner stickers from Pipstiks. Stickers will help brighten your planner and not let you forget another important date or task. It also makes me proud to look at and know that I’m the one who designed my own planner. For years I wished that I could find a planner that worked for me and didn’t end up just being a waste of money. Personal Planner has made it possible for me to make that wish a reality by designing my own planner that fits my own needs. It’s not only a practical and functional planner, it’s also a really special and beautiful creation that came from me.



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I love that Personal Planner has made it so easy to create your own custom planner. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living and what your daily routine entails because you can design it yourself. From cover to cover it’s all about you and what you need. I would recommend Personal Planner for anyone that needs to keep track of their schedule and the different things they are juggling in life. I love my planner and you will too!

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