Tips for Planning the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Tips for Planning the Perfect Weekend Getaway

A weekend is about 48 hours. Although it may not seem as if you can travel effectively in just two days, with some planning, your weekend getaway can be fun and restorative. You may not be able to jet to Europe, but you can travel locally to have an adventure, often on a budget. Here are some tips to get the most out of your weekend trip and to enjoy a private boat ride.

Plan to Go Somewhere Close to Home

For a weekend getaway, you don’t want to spend your entire weekend traveling or waking up early to hit the sites. Go somewhere that you can reach in one to two hours, either by car or plane. If you arrive Friday night, you can get some rest before waking up to start exploring on Saturday morning. Don’t travel on holiday weekends. Although you’ll get an extra day, you’re going to fight millions of other tourists. Commit to one location, even a single location within the city. Trying to squeeze in dozens of activities throughout a large city will just stress you out.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Reduce Your Expectations

A weekend getaway isn’t the time to visit dozens of attractions. If you’re going to relax and enjoy some time with your loved one, you may only be able to make two to three attractions. Choose the ones that are going to be interesting and stress-free. Look for different opportunities, such as whale watching San Diego, a nice restaurant with local culture and another adventure that fits you. Balance your time to create a rough itinerary that doesn’t overwhelm you, but also lets you really enjoy your time.

Book Your Hotel Close to the Attractions You Want to See

Once you have a rough itinerary, you can book a hotel. Choose accommodations that limit the amount of time you spend in a car or on public transportation. Walking to a museum instead of driving in an unknown town and having to find parking can be less stressful and cheaper. Sure, you might pay a little more for the hotel, but you may also get more local flavor and have a better experience than going with cheap lodging.

Plan to Get Home in Time to Unwind Before Bed

It can be tempting to get home as late as possible to fully enjoy your weekend getaway, but this can be a mistake. Instead of coming home at 8 or 9 p.m. Sunday evening, try to make it home by 5 or 6. This gives you time to do a load of laundry before Monday morning, get your home in order, pick up some groceries for the upcoming week and maybe even catch a movie to unwind before bed. At the very least, you can take care of the absolutely necessary tasks before heading back to work.

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  1. Great tips . I once made the mistake of choosing a cheaper hotel that was further away from everything but it ended up costing a fortune in cabs . Haven’t had a weekend getaway in a while .

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