10 Uses For Peppermint Oil

10 Uses For Peppermint Oil

If you’re familiar with using oils to relieve common ailments, you’re probably familiar with peppermint oil. Of course oils aren’t meant to replace modern medicine, and if you have any medical emergencies, it’s best to seek out a doctor. If you’re currently taking medications, it’s also a good idea to consult a doctor before incorporating oils in to your health regimen. However, the benefits of peppermint oil are pretty great, and you’ll find after reading this article that you might just want to keep some on hand!

10 Uses For Peppermint Oil

1. IBS relief. There is evidence that suggests that peppermint oil can aid with IBS symptoms, and while nothing has been conclusively found as of yet, many people that suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome have reported signs of relief when using peppermint oil.

2. Morning sickness. Many expecting mothers turn to peppermint oil for help with morning sickness. It can help keep it at bay a little so that your pregnancy is a little easier! After all, growing a human is hard work!

3. Liver and gallbladder problems. Some people have had great success in using peppermint oil to treat gallbladder pain and liver issues. Although these are typically more serious and require more serious medical care, peppermint oil can be used to aid the medical care you’re currently receiving for relief.

4. Headaches. Many people find comfort in rubbing peppermint oil on the temples to help with headache pain and even relieve it! A drop or so rubbed into the temples is plenty to help you start feeling better!

5. Muscle pain. Just like using IcyHot, the peppermint oil can help relieve muscle pain. It’s a similar feeling and can be soothing to any sore muscles you might have!

6. Common colds. Peppermint oil vapor can be inhaled lightly to help with relief of the common cold. Just as Vicks helps open up your airways and allow you to breathe easier, peppermint oil does the same!

7. Repelling mosquitoes. Using peppermint oil in place of chemical bug spray can be just as effective at repelling mosquitoes! Next time you go camping or hiking, try some peppermint oil instead and you’ll be surprised at how well it works!

8. Toothaches. Peppermint oil can be used along the jaw line for painful toothaches. Toothache pain is up there with the worst, and any kind of relief is helpful, so next time you or someone in your household experiences a toothache, try peppermint oil!

9. Menstrual problems. Peppermint oil can be used for so many different pain points, including menstrual pain! Try incorporating it in your household and on your skin for relief.

10. Joint pain. Rubbing peppermint on your joints can be massively helpful in relieving joint pain! If you suffer from any type of condition or injury that causes joint pain, this is absolutely worth a try to get you feeling better!

Did you know any of these and have you used peppermint oil?

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