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Bridesmaids of the World Unite. September 20 is Your Day! #Bridesmaids

[yellow tail] wines creates the First Annual National Bridesmaid’s Day. Pippa Middleton was one. Julia Roberts played one, and so did Patrick Dempsey. For centuries Bridesmaids have been relegated to a supporting role complete with puffy sleeves and dyed shoes… but those days are over. [yellow tail] wines announced today it is partnering with Universal […]

Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro Review

The Touro Mobile Pro is part of Hitachi’s first all-in-one USB 3.0 external storage product family that gives users a super easy-to-use backup app, including cloud backup. This sleek device is perfect for the style-conscious but also delivers two levels of protection and access – local backup and cloud storage – so that users can […]