Crafters Need The Ohuhu Aluminum Crochet Hooks Kit

Crocheting can often be considered my most loved and hated past time. Perhaps that is because I am still in the beginning stages and yet expect my projects to come out as perfect as the photo online or in the craft book I drooled over. One thing I have learned is this hobby like so many knows no end. That is why I like to find quality supplies at a cost I can live with, like the Ohuhu Crochet Hooks Needles Kit recently snagged from


Now, I own several hooks. In fact I have purchased them at all cost levels, colors and material made of. The majority of my crochet hook supplies are aluminum and steel crochet hooks. Both serve their own purpose and do it well once you learn more about the process.

One thing I will say is that often cost vs quality is a big factor. So imagine my surprise to find a 22 piece tapered hook set for $8.99 with free shipping using Amazon Prime. Giddy hobbies is the perfect set of words. In fact I snagged two sets, one for my preteen as well. She is just starting out but shows great promise.

Ohuhu Crochet Hooks Needles Case

We both tested random sizes of Ohuhu hooks on two different projects (one stuffed style animal and one scarf). These worked as well as any top quality hook that I own. They even felt good in the hand despite the slightly rough texture.

This set is great for any crochet hobbies at any level. I can see these even being an ideal gift for the crafter at heart. They are fashioned with lovely colors and the vast amount of sizes and carrying case makes it a sure fire winner in our book.

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