#NationalTeddyBearDay at Build-A-Bear Workshop

#NationalTeddyBearDay at Build-A-Bear Workshop

For as long as I can remember, I slept with a stuffed animal. More often than not, it was my beloved Teddy Bear. Looking back, now that I am a mom of seven, I understand why I was so attached to that sweet bear. During childhood, my stuffies were my friends that helped me feel secure at night. The ones that never judged, never screamed at me and were always ready to play whatever game I came up with in the moment.

#NationalTeddyBearDay at Build-A-Bear Workshop

I see this even now in my younger children who have a fond love for all plush creatures. Every night we read with both my boys, their favorite Build-A-Bear, and it brings joy upon their faces. Even my teenagers still adorn their beds with their favorite furry and soft friends.

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A teddy bear means comfort and friendship that is timeless and beloved. This attachment can last all through the childhood years and even into college or passed down from generation to generation. I now wish that my childhood favorites were saved to share with my daughters. I can see the memories as they are happening and all the happiness I experienced with a friend by my side. I can only hope my children find that same love and comfort in their favorite stuffies.

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Build-A-Bear Workshop understands that these moments and memories are ones to be cherished forever. Build-A-Bear welcomes thousands of guests of all ages into their interactive stores each day to help them create custom plush that they will love for years and years to come. With National Teddy Bear Day coming up on September 9, Build-A-Bear Workshop will be celebrating this special bond that we share with our furry friends.

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On Friday, September 8, and Saturday, September 9, guests of Build-A-Bear Workshop stores can make their own limited-edition National Teddy Bear Day Bear for just $5.50 USD / $5.50 CAD / £5.50 GBP, plus applicable taxes, while supplies last. (Purchase limit of five limited-edition bears per Guest.) Build-A-Bear Workshop will also offer Traditional Cocoa Bear online for $10.50 USD / £10.50 GBP at buildabear.com and buildabear.co.uk.

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And kids aren’t the only ones who can celebrate the holiday – in fact, a recent survey commissioned by Build-A-Bear Workshop found that adults have a soft spot for furry friends, too:

  • The Majority Hugs. Across generations, more than half of all respondents surveyed mentioned they still own a stuffed animal. 40% of respondents sleep with their stuffed animal by their side.
  • Keepsake Teddy. 56% of respondents have owned (and held onto) their favorite stuffed animal for more than two decades. Additionally, more than 70% said they plan to keep their stuffed animal forever (72%).
  • Memories of Comfort. 30% of respondents said a feeling of comfort was the first memory that came to mind when thinking about a childhood stuffed animal, followed by the memory of the person who gave it to them (22%), and the stuffed animal’s appearance (19%).
  • Home is Where the Bear Is. Adults living in the southern United States are most likely to have a stuffed animal (75%), followed by residents of the Midwest (72%) and Northeast (70%).

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Here are some ways you can celebrate National Teddy Bear Day:

  • Visit buildabear.com/national-teddy-bear-day to learn more about the in-store event and find a nearby Build-A-Bear Workshop location.
  • Join the fun virtually! Build-A-Bear will bring the celebration to Facebook by streaming live from multiple stores on National Teddy Bear Day.
  • Follow the brand on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram, and share a favorite teddy bear or Build-A-Bear Workshop memory with hashtag #NationalTeddyBearDay and @BuildABear.
  • Celebrate with your kids by hosting a Teddy Bear Tea Party or reading aloud to a favorite Teddy Bear.

How will you be celebrating National Teddy Bear Day? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. Be sure to comment for the chance to win $100 gift card to Build-A-Bear Workshop!

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This is a sponsored blog post and I was compensated by Build-A-Bear Workshop. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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