Kawaii Box is Cuteness Overload Delivered Monthly

Kawaii Box is Cuteness Overload Delivered Monthly

Kawaii Box is cuteness overload delivered monthly to your door step. This subscription box is created by Blippo Kawaii Shop which also offers a large selection of Japanese and Korean kawaii products to meet your needs. As anime geeks and kawaii lovers, we couldn’t help but get excited for our mail to arrive. Once it did, a guaranteed continued subscriber was born.

Kawaii Box is Cuteness Overload Delivered Monthly

August Kawaii Box was a welcomed surprise. Each month (on a single month reoccurring subscription plan) is $19.90 and this box contained a retail value of $35.90 in products. There was not a single piece from this month’s box that we were disappointed with. That is very rare with subscription boxes. Between myself and my teenage girls, we fell in love a few pieces: pencil case, plush keychain and squishy.

Sanrio Plush Pencil Bag

Sanrio Plush Pencil Bag – Retail $6.20

My Melody is a rabbit girl with a hood who loves to bake and eat cakes created by Sanrio! Take the My Melody soft pencil case with strap with you to school or store makeup when on the go. Made of a durable fabric this case is as strong as it is cute!

Kawaii Box August Contents

My Melody is adored with a precious blue bow and pink floppy ears. The strap is handy for attaching to a notebook or carrying along when on the go. This case includes a zipper closure for safe storage of anything you choose to carry inside.

Kawaii Box Outshine The Sun Bottle

Outshine The Sun Bottle – Retail $8.90

This bottle is perfect for back to school, road trips or just a relaxed day at the park! Simply fill your favorite drink and enjoy this adorable peek of sunshine wherever you may travel!

Kawaii Box Kanahei Plushie

Kanahei Plushie – Retail $5.90

Kanahei is a popular Japanese illustrator of digital stickers, and her character stickers are very popular in LINE app. Now you can give hugs and kisses to her famous and popular character Usagi-bunny! Usagi is a cuddly, pink bunny that sports a lovable smile and tiny ears!

Kawaii Box - The Cutest Subscription Box

This plushie is adorned with a keychain attachment that has a removable ball chain making it easy to attach to your not only to your keys but also backpack! Take Usagi along with you on your next adventure!

Kawaii Box Sumikko Gurashi Stickers

Sumikko Gurashi Stickers – Retail $1.90

I don’t know about you but I still love to send snail mail. From thank you cards to clients, readers and even personalized letters to family across the miles. When I do, I like to make the receiver smile when the mail arrives to their door and there is not better way to do that then by adding some extras like Sumikko Gurashi Gold Foiled Stickers – In the Park.

Kawaii Box Pompompurin Pudding Gummies

Pompompurin Pudding Gummies – $3.10

Pompompurin is an adorable golden retriever that has a laidback attitude with love for everything soft and now you can share his favorite treat in a world, pudding! Who knew pudding could come in a gummie and even more so be so yummy!

Kawaii Box Milky Color Ink Pen

Milky Color Ink Pen – Retail $1.60

Remember I love to send snail mail? Well, my daughters still write notes and keep diaries and they loved this Milky gel pen! The heart that they can write colorful messages on paper with a smooth gel ink and not to mention it is colorful too. We want all 12 bright colors which each come in an adorable cow designed pen.

Kawaii Box Sweet Kiss Cherry Lip Gloss

Sweet Kiss Cherry Lip Gloss – Retail $1.70

Sweet kiss cherry lip gloss will keep your lips soft and beautiful, just like in all Japanese fashion magazines we adore! This piece is an essential for any kawaii beauty routine! Shaped like eos found in the US, this balm is easy to use and flavored in our very favorite cherry.

Kawaii Box Sparkle Rainbow Slinky

Sparkle Rainbow Slinky – Retail $1.50

Slinky, the toy is a legend and takes me straight back to my childhood! Add in the pastel colors and sparkles and you have a winner for any young girl. This piece was quickly claimed by my tween for her own.

Kawaii Box Cute Stamp Highlighter

Cute Stamp Highlighter – Retail $1.90

Again, stamp highlighters are another great tool to have in your handwriting arsenal or even for those who love to scrapbook! You can add yellow stars to your notes, book covers and even photos for added cuteness.

Tip: For best results, press the tip with a little pressure in a swivel movement to get a complete star to appear when using.

Kawaii Box Kawaii Tofu Squishy

Kawaii Tofu Squishy – Retail $2.90

Squishy toys are the rage right now and we have jumped right on board. Out with the old boring stress balls and in with these kawaii creatures and foodie items that can be squeezed till your hearts content. They are so soft and just down right satisfying to smush!

August Kawaii Box

The Tofu Squishy was my most beloved piece in the box and while I had to fight off a few vicious teenage girls to claim it, I was determined to win! I can’t wait to see if next month includes another of these.

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Which piece from the Kawaii Box is your favorite?

Kawaii Box - The Cutest Subscription Box

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