Most Sought-After Features for Nursing Homes

Most Sought-After Features for Nursing Homes

When you begin looking for a nursing home facility for your loved one, the process of narrowing down choices can be terribly stressful. Not only will this facility be their new home, but it will be a place where they can have a chance of becoming part of a new community while having constant access to healthcare. But healthcare features are not the only qualities that should help guide you when you’re choosing a nursing home. To assist readers in finding the perfect spot, here are the most sought-after features for nursing homes: 

Proximity to Family

Having your loved one close enough for frequent visits is a must. Not only will it keep your loved one more comfortable, but it will give you a better capability to ensure you can help them in emergencies (or just when they get particularly lonely). Thankfully, many nursing homes focus on community connection, so you’re likely to already know some of the choices nearby you. After all, simply moving them into a care facility is not the only step you’ll need to take to continue supporting your elderly loved one

A Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

When you are considering a nursing home for your loved one, it’s crucial that you first go to visit and tour the facility. As you do so, interact with the staff (especially the home director if you’re able to) to get a feel for their personalities. If they get along with your loved one, you know you’ve found a great potential choice. If the staff seems cold or like they’re putting in a half-effort with doing their tasks, it might be intelligent to keep looking at other nursing home options. 

Activities & Amenities 

Beyond comfort, the next most important features your loved one’s home should have are activities and amenities that will keep them content. From community game nights to beautiful walking paths, your loved ones will need entertainment while they are there. Additionally, it’s always great to check if your potential nursing home choice has nights where you can participate in activities with your loved one and their new community. 

Flexible Visitation Hours

One of the biggest drawbacks for some nursing homes is the way they structure visiting hours. Avoid homes that purposefully keep their hours frustratingly restrictive, and more importantly, make sure the home you’re potentially choosing has hours that will work for your schedule. That being said, the current Covid-19 pandemic has made many homes restrict visiting hours significantly, so make sure you approach this process in a more flexible way (and ask as many questions as you can about the future of visitation hours at the facility when you do a tour). Thankfully, visitation hours are slowly becoming more accessible and reasonable again. 

Opportunities for Growth

Activities and amenities do not always deal with events or games. Sometimes, they are focused on education or more hands-on, crafty tasks. Homes that have these growth-focused opportunities are great for keeping your loved one involved in the community. An active mind is a happy mind, and this feature will ensure your loved one does not feel as though they are stuck in an end-stage mentality as they stay at the home. Especially for those whose loved one is obsessed with a more crafty hobby, you must make sure their interest can be accommodated. 

Clear Safety and Cleanliness Standards 

It’s important that you not only ensure the facility seems safe and clean when you visit but that they have clear, acceptable guidelines surrounding how they maintain this atmosphere. Doing so will give both you and your loved one a stronger peace of mind before moving them into the home. Since Covid-19 is particularly dangerous for elderly people who are exposed to it, this feature becomes perhaps the most essential one on the list. 

A Beautiful Location

A nursing home that is caringly decorated and maintained will prove enchanting for your loved one. Beautiful garden spaces, inner facilities, and resident rooms will improve the mood of your loved one significantly. As you move your loved one in, be sure to put plenty of time into helping them make their room decorated in a fashion that will make them feel more at home. 

24/7 Nursing Care Access

If a nursing home does not have 24/7 nursing care access, it is not the right choice for your loved one. Homes that have this feature are established as professional, safe, and dedicated. As you tour the facility or question the director about the home’s features, make this the number one question on your list. If a facility you choose ends up exaggerating their care capabilities, it can cause potential injuries to your loved one, and lead to frustration, but necessary lawsuits. 

Make Your Loved One’s Transition Comfortable and Exciting

As you choose a nursing home, your next big step will be transitioning your loved one into the home in a way that keeps them positive about this huge change. Keeping their new room tailored to their tastes, helping them find the activities that will keep them busy, and ensuring them that you’re always just a phone call away will help them start their exciting new journey on the right footing.

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