Mommy and Me Spring Break Packing List

Mommy and Me Spring Break Packing List

Whether you’re heading to the beach or visiting an amusement park, choose outfits that can be mixed and matched with your toddler’s clothes so that you’ll only have to pack one outfit per day per person. Comfortable fabrics like cotton and linen are great choices for spring break because they dry quickly and can handle light rain showers or pool splashes. This list includes a few essential items that you’ll want to pack in your bag every time you go on a trip with your little one for the cutest matching outfits.

Mommy and me dresses

Mommy and me style is more about coordinating outfits than matching onesies. Look for patterns that you like, but also make sure both mom and baby are comfortable. For example, Sweet Salt’s midi dress makes it easy to find a matching dress for your little one. Their variety of monochromatic colors and patterns such as stripes and gingham are some of the easiest to find in baby clothing so that you and baby can match accordingly. 

When choosing a dress for you both, be sure that it’s made out of fabric appropriate for the type of weather that you’ll be visiting. Some places may be too cold for a lightweight or short dress. While other places may be too hot for thicker dresses such as those made out of knit.

Mommy and Me Spring Break Packing List - Sweet Salt’s midi dress

Shoes and sandals

Although your little one might still be able to squeeze their toes into a pair of sandals they’ve worn since last summer, it’s probably time to invest in new footwear. Cute, comfortable shoes or sandals that fit well will make a huge difference on those long days at theme parks. When choosing shoes for your little one, look for durable styles with non-skid soles. Avoid stilettos or anything that could easily fall off as you dash after your little one. 

Some easy mommy and me matching shoes are a pair of Converse, Vans, and if you’re looking for sandals, Nike has matching slides for the whole family. If you have time, you can also make your own matching sandals with a glue gun and some materials such as rhinestones, ribbon, or flower shoe clips.

Bathing Suits

If your kids like to swim, pack bathing suits. If they don’t, bring them anyway and check out a water park. You can usually rent a locker for free at most water parks or you can use your room as a place to change. Pack sunscreen, hats, and maybe even some water shoes if you want your kids to be able to walk along with everyone else instead of sitting in their stroller all day long. You can usually find matching bathing suits for the entire family on Amazon.

Towels and cover-ups

Why not get the kids excited by ordering a set of custom towels to announce your big spring break family vacation? That way you and your littles can match towels and swimsuits. Take at least two towels per person—one big beach towel to lay in the sand, and a smaller towel for drying off with. You can order custom towels at places such as Custom Ink or Zazzle. 

Be sure to take some cover-ups so that you have something to slip over a wet swimsuit instead of finding a place to change clothes for you and your toddler after a day at the beach. Plus, it’s the perfect touch to matching beach outfits. Check out online stores that specialize in matching family clothing such as Posh Peanut so that you can order with time. 


Do your research ahead of time, either by browsing a store like Nordstrom or looking at blogs/social media accounts with Mommy-and-me styles. Try to pack accessories that can be easily dressed up or down. Look for pieces that can be worn in different ways (i.e., a scarf that can function as a shawl or tied around your waist). It’s always good to have one pair of go-to shoes: ballet flats, sneakers, or sandals (dressier ones work too). 

Both of you will need a place to sit when on breaks from sightseeing. Take this opportunity to match an umbrella for you and your baby’s stroller canopy so that you’re both matching as you catch some shade to protect you from those Florida rays. Remember to keep snacks easily accessible in a fashionable diaper bag. If you plan on wearing a baby carrier, why not take this opportunity to match your carrier with your diaper bag? The Baby Tula luxury line has popular prints that shouldn’t be hard to match. Technically, you could say your baby is wearing the carrier while you’re wearing the matching diaper bag right?

Although packing lists can vary greatly depending on where you’re going, there are some things that always make a good list so we hope you were able to find at least one great idea you’d like to take with you on your trip. Happy travels!

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