Merdy Twinkles of Joy Baby Blanket Review

A beautiful baby blanket, wrapped in a bow, arrived on our doorstep a few days ago…


Baby blankets seem to be everywhere, often given as gifts for a new little bundle of joy.  However few have lived up to MY expectations as a mother.  I only want something soft and comforting to wrap my baby in, and Merdy’s new Twinkles of Joy blanket was just that.


When I opened the package that arrived, I was welcomed with a beautiful, soft blanket wrapped in gift giving shape.  The soft blanket was lined with satin trim, and had an adorable tiny squirrel holding a “Star on a String” (which was the name of the design).  The one side of the blanket was a deep blue, and the backing was a light blue, with grey satin trim.


Upon closer investigation, I saw the “press here” button on the star, and was pleasantly surprised to hear “Love Me Tender” start to play as well as lights flicker in the star.  Nolan loved it too, and he immediately focused on the star.


The blankets are available in boy, girl, and gender neutral designs, and there are also wearable “sleep sack” designs as well as a security blanket option.  You can also shop by fabric type (ours is Ultra Silky… and it is!), sound or song type.  The Twinkles of Joy blankets are machine washable and dryer safe, which is a must with babies!

Twinkles of Joy would make a great gift to that special baby in your life.  Whether a girl or a boy, Merdy has an adorable design for everyone!



Shop here to order yours!

This Twinkles of Joy® blanket features the unique introduction of neuroscience concepts to traditional children’s bedding. This unbelievable inspiration means that our product goes beyond providing comfort and softness: It is designed to stimulate early mental and sense development. This combination of classic high quality with scientific principles offers your baby and child the experience of “blanket of tomorrow”.

What a great gift to honor baby and child…


  • Gently plays soft music and/or sound effects.
  • Gently lights up.
  • Machine washable and dryer safe.
  • CPSIA compliant.
  • FCC compliant.
  • Extra soft 100% microfiber polyester fabric. No shrinkage after washing.
  • Extra warm with higher density.
  • Trimmed in softest Charmeuse satin ruffle.
  • Bigger size: 30×40 inch excl. edge, 34×44 inch incl. edge
  • Designs by contemporary popular artists in the US, UK and Canada.
  • Imported


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