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The Maddyloo brand of hair, fashion accessories and jewelry is one of the country’s fastest growing brands.  Starting in January 2011, the company went from 0 to 60 (stores, that is) in less than 3 months and is now in more than 200 retail locations throughout the US, including Hawaii, and Canada.  The brand and its super comfy hair ties (which don’t leave that dreaded “dent” in your hair), bracelets, headbands, clip-in feathers, gemstone bracelets and more is the brainchild of its co-founders Honeya and Jon who work round the clock to manufacture their trendy, must-have, hair and fashion accessories and new jewelry line in West Hollywood, CA.

The “Maddyloo” brand was inspired by Honeya’s very adorable 9-year old daughter Madison who gave us her permission to name our brand after her nickname.  She proudly wears her Maddyloos to school, parties, and nights out which usually involve pizza and frozen yogurt.

My daughter can’t seem to get enough hair ties! Anytime we shop she can always be found in the hair section of the store. She was surprised when the hair ties came to her! We received the Maddyloo Mini Heart Box in Silver Orchid. It had the pinks and silvers which are her favorite. They go with just about anything!  These hair ties leave no crease. We both keep our hair pulled up on a daily basis. She has a massive amount of hair so we can never get a tie around her hair more than once without it being extremely tight. The Maddyloo ties went around once but it was just the perfect hold.  Not to loose, not to tight, and best of all, when she took her hair down, there were no ugly creases!

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Maddyloo Hair Ties make perfect gifts for anyone young or old. They would be the perfect addition for birthday gifts and make great stocking stuffers as well. Maddyloo has a rainbow of colors available including Denim and Camo. For a little extra “glam” try out the beaded and ornament ties. Have a “Mustache” fan like I do? Check out their Mustache Ties! They have a little something for every diva in your life.

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These precious Maddlyoo Heart Boxes are only $15!


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