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Theatre is often thought of being something elegant to do in the evening and don’t get me wrong it can be. But there’s also a world of theatre for children and young people, in the day time or in the evening, full of wonder and joy which can do so much for your child. As well as being a great activity for the holidays, theatre is also proven to hugely aid child development, widen their imagination and can drastically improve their self-confidence.

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So what does the West End have to offer children? There are loads of shows from larger west end musicals to smaller productions which are great for younger kids as they aren’t as loud and intense. From The Lion King to Matilda, The Tiger Who Came to Tea to Shrek the Musical- there’s going to be the perfect play for your kids, catering for pretty much every interest and sensibility. So what are they, where are they and how can you get your hands on some tickets?

1. The Lion King- Now the bestselling and highest grossing musical of all time on both Broadway and in the West End, this show is absolutely amazing. Based on the Oscar winning Disney film of the 90’s, the show is filled with music, colour, joy and animals are absolutely everywhere. It’s a show that all age groups will love so you’ll love it as well as your kids. You can get your hands on some really good deals and cheap tickets. Lion King theatre tickets sell weeks in advance so plan your trip properly and be the early bird and get your tickets ASAP.

2. Matilda- Matilda recently made a splash at the Olivier and Tony awards- pretty much scooping the lot. The musical has a masterminded score from Ozzie comedian Tim Michin and is produce by the RSC so you can definitely expect great things. The musical follows closely with the Roald Dhal story of an orphan with magical powers going up against her cruel world. The show is magical and certainly has the ‘feel-good factor’, and I’d personally highly recommend it. Again get in there early if you want to get your hands on some Matilda tickets. London is still buzzing with excitement about the show so get involved and be part of it!

3. Shrek the Musical- Again based on the DreamWorks box office smash, Shrek the musical is an absolutely winner for kids theatre. The show isn’t too long so your kids won’t be sitting still for too long, it’s packed with laughs for all the family, it has a joyous score and you really can’t walk out of the theatre without a huge grin on your face. Tickets for Shrek the Musical, London aren’t too expensive either, and it makes for a wonderful day trip out, with a story your kids can really understand and connect with regardless if they’ve seen the films or not.

4. The Wizard of Oz- This is one of the real classics, everyone can remember watching this as a child, and more importantly they can remember loving it, so why not take your kids to see the live show? This musical is jam packed with colour and imagination and will really open your children’s minds. You’ll enjoy being able to reminisce as well and you’re seriously going to enjoy the Wizard of Oz Musical. London ticket prices are around £30 so it’s not going to be the cheapest day out but it’s definitely worth the month. So if you and your kids are getting bored of endless museums or being stuck inside when it rains in good old England and you fancy a trip out with the kids, take a trip down to the West End and see what’s on at the Theatre. Your kids will love it and so will you so it’s definitely a worthwhile trip! It’s works really well as a treat for them or something to keep the occupied for a good few hours!

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