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 What are the things that you really enjoy the most? Well, I bet that all of us have something that can truly gives us, not just merely contentment, but as well, that feeling in which when every time we think about it, we can’t help but smile. We can really never deny the fact that once we had the chance to do something we want in our lives, we always think about it, and how much we want to be able to do those again. This happened to me when I and my family visited the Philippines. There were a lot of things we did enjoy in that beautiful country, and you’ll definitely not get tired of its exquisiteness – the food, the places, and most especially, its warm folks, who I say are yet the most generous people we’ve met. Here’s a list of the things we relished the most during the 3- day retreat:


1. Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut). This is the traditional and most sought type of house by Filipinos in the earlier decades. These are mostly made of bamboos tied together, and enclosed with a thatched roof using nipa/ anahaw leaves. What’s good about this accommodation venue is that natural air and light permeate the entire space which gives you that feeling of boost and gusto – helpful to bracing yet another busy and warm day, the everyday life of a tropical country. They say that your stay in the Philippines won’t be complete if you have not experienced staying in a bahay kubo, which I pretty well agree.

2. Beaches. The Philippines is surrounded by bodies of water that is why most Filipinos are fulfilled to live as fishermen. This opportunity only suggests that the country is blessed with a lot of good beaches. As what they say in their land, “Once you let your skin touch by the beach’ pristine and clear waters, you will definitely not abandon its friendly arms.” Filipinos are very much proud to have these beaches. And Boracay happens to be their number 1 star. Boracay, with its long white sand beaches, has rivaled the best beaches of more popular destinations such as that of the Caribbeans, the South Pacific, and as well as its neighboring countries, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. It truly has built the Philippines quite a reputation as being one of the most esteemed amazing beaches in the world. And yes, I almost forgot, for those wanting to just lounge around and take in some rays, beach-front hotels and condotels usually plunk their lounge chairs just a few steps away from the entrances. Also, facilities for the usual water sports activities such as sailing, wind surfing, snorkeling, diving, and jet skiing are also widely available for those in search of more active pursuits. My mom and I tried the banana boat, and it was absolutely one of the best rides we had.

Recommended Beaches in the Philippines

  1. Boracay White Sand Beach
  2. El Nido, Palawan

3.  Filipino Food. One of the prides of the Philippines is the food they are producing. Filipino cuisine has progressed over several centuries from its Malayo- Polynesian origins. It then became a diverse cookery, integrated with Hispanic, Chinese, American, and other Asian taste influences. Blessed with an abundance of seafood, tropical fruits, and creative cooks, there’s more to Filipino dishes than the mind-boggling “nilagang paniki” (boiled rat). These have been modified to their local ingredients, and native palate to create and recreate distinct dishes. The whole family was so delighted to have experienced some of their best delicacies such as:

a. Dinuguan. While it may not look appetizing, this black dish of pork and pig innards stewed in fresh pig blood seasoned with garlic, onion and oregano is a comforting dish for many Filipinos; and

b. Adobo. No list of Filipino food would be complete without adobo. It is Mexican in origin, and is an ubiquitous dish in every household, but Filipinos thought that preparing meat in vinegar and soy, and other spices will preserve its life even with no refrigeration. This cooking style can be applied to different meats, or even seafood.

So this is how it went for me, and my family in the Philippines. You should try visiting it too, and enjoy as much as we did.


Author Bio: Mitchell Zavich Zunia is a native of Pennsylvania, and had graduated at Robert Morris University with a degree in International Studies. She is a field photographer for a high- flying publication in Pittsburgh. Also, she’s the online content coordinator for www.allseminyakvillas.com. You may follow her on Twitter @MitchellZunia

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