Review: How the Little Tikes Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide changed our summer!

Summer typically means a lot of outdoor family moments in my home. Often times this leads us to be away from home more than I like; especially since mom job continues when while school is out. Not to mention the added expense of activities. The city pool is $2 per person per visit. For my family this means the admission is $12 for an hour or so of swim time. If you are thinking, well that’s not too bad – think again! Take that $12 then times it by 3 to 4 days a week and then again by the number of weeks in summer. We are now up to a total cost of over $300 in swimming cost. But what I told you there was a way to get a similar kind of fun on your own terms year after year for just a tad over what it costs to spend one summer lounging at the city aquatics center. Would that peek your interest?

Slam 'n' Curve Slide Box

I know it did mine. So with open arms I welcomed the Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide into our summer routine. The day the package arrived was one for the record books. As we headed out to do a little shopping one afternoon, I heard this wild screaming and laughter. Of course I went into mom mode and rushed to the porch to see what was causing all the commotion. There is was in a heavy rectangle box – my summer salvation. <- However it took me about a week to finally figure this one out.

Before I get too far ahead, I should tell you that we are city dwellers. Downtown, industrial district to be exact. This means off street parking and small side yards if any at all. I am lucky to grow a few treats in a container garden due to lack of space. Even worse for our space issues, my mil purchased an over sized trampoline last year for the girls’ birthday. While it has been a fantastic form of exercise for all 4 of my children, moving it to mow and ensure my green grass still grows is a pain. So where in the heck would I put a nearly 11 foot long waterslide??? Actual dimensions: 10’8″L x 13’1″W x 7’9″H

Right Here!

Side Yard Preparation

Now how do you get something this big blown up to size? With a blower baby! Don’t worry, Little Tikes includes it in the box. When I asked my husband if he has anything to add to the review, his reply was “Thank goodness for the blower!”


The Little Tikes Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide is an inflatable backyard waterslide and pool built from puncture-resistant material. Those words make me smile! Though if for some reason you do end up with a pricky hole {after all sometimes things just happen}, they include a fit it kit. Words to the wise, put this away in a safe place. If you are lucky, you will never need it but the moment that you do, you will be glad you listened to Mom to Bed by 8.

I should also mention that the Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide is big enough to fit a few kids all at once. While I strongly suggest taking the slide and wall one at a time, there are lots of activities to keep them busy while they wait their turn.

Little Tikes Slam 'n' Curve Slide Photo Shoot 1

Let’s move right on into the fun features my kids rave about. The climbing wall was the ideal addition to get your child from point a to point slide! The hand holes are nicely sized for both my 4 year old Low and even his older siblings. My youngest still struggles a tiny bit pulling himself up but he is slowing learning to manage all on his own.

As you can see by my DD’s smiling face, this is by far his favorite part!

Climbing Wall

Next up is the fantastically fun slide. After all it wouldn’t be the “Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide” without the whoosh, now would it? I applaud Little Tikes on adding the continuously run water sprayer to the top of the unit. This ensures a smooth slide to the wade pool at the bottom and even a better splash in my opinion. I do wish it would have been permanently attached instead of velcro as my Low loves to move it around, causing his older sister the headache of fixing it several times per water play session. However in the end, I am sure they would have found a way to break it off if I had my design way – so maybe it is for the best.

Slam 'n' Curve Slide Features

Tired of climbing and sliding or maybe stopping for a moment to wait your turn, no worries Little Tikes thought of this moment to and added a basketball hoop and ball to the mix. Oddly enough water basketball is one of my favorite activities when we venture out to the indoor waterparks of the Dells, so having one at home for the kids to love, is magical! Mini me’s in the making…..

The Little Tikes Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide offers a decent side pool bottom for relaxing, splashing as you come down the slide and is fantastic for parents of wee ones. This allows even the youngest child to enjoy a little waterplay with adult assistance. I personally also like to layout a get a little sun while the kiddos rush around climbing up and going down all while mom gets a little sun.

Water Basketball

We already talked about a few of the extras included like the blower and patch kit. You will also receive a total of 10 stakes to keep this baby grounded. The day after we setup the Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide, Sioux City was hit with a terrible storm with 40+ mile an hour winds, harsh rain and even hail. Those stakes were a life saver for us. After my husband came home from work, we were chatting about the weather and he mentioned he almost didn’t place the stakes and how happy he was that he went back and did so. Hint – hint, use the stakes!!!

Slam 'n' Curve Slide Extras

You will also find a storage bag in the box. While I haven’t had to use this feature just yet, I will say from my experience with bounce houses having a storage bag is a big deal. This allows you to roll up the waterpark and put it away for the winter without taking up too much space. Then when the season roll around again, simple pull out, wash off and get ready to splash again!

Checkout the Little Tikes Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide in action!

Not only has the Little Tikes Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide been amazing for allowing my children a bit of outdoor water play time nearly everyday since it’s arrival, it also has been a lifesaver for me to get a few moments of work done. I can sit on the porch with my laptop for at least an hour monitoring their splash adventure before the trouble starts again. Sometimes even longer.

Then once I stop and think that we will get years of play from this one item, I sigh relief and wonder why I didn’t think of this sooner. Don’t get me wrong, we will still venture to the pool 2-3 times a month, but allowing my children fun nearly everyday and seeing their bright smiles, makes me feel like I’ve won mom of the year.

Little Tikes Slam 'n' Curve Slide Review

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